McAfee Complete Data Protection

McAfee Complete Data Protection

Comprehensive endpoint encryption solution

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The McAfee Complete Data Protection suite protects your data using a combination of powerful enterprise-grade endpoint encryption and access control. The suite helps you establish and enforce a data protection policy and centralizes data security management using the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) management console. This suite includes management of native encryption for Apple FileVault on Macs and Microsoft BitLocker management for Windows PCs*. Additionally, McAfee ePO Deep Command provides remote security management to access Intel vPro-based PCs to implement patches, reset passwords, and remediate broken endpoints.

The McAfee Complete Data Protection suite helps:

  • Protect your data from loss or theft with a blazingly-fast endpoint encryption solution that is FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria EAL2+ certified, and accelerated by the Intel Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions (Intel AES-NI).
  • Encrypt storage on desktops, virtual desktop infrastructure workstations, laptops, tablets, and removable media such as CD/DVD and USB flash devices. You control what specific file types and folders are encrypted.
  • Utilize management of native encryption for Macs with Apple FileVault and Windows PCs with Microsoft BitLocker.
  • Extend the reach of IT with Intel vPro and Intel Active Management Technology-based platforms for secure remote access, regardless of PC power or encrypted state.
  • Deploy and provision with confidence with the Endpoint Encryption Go utility to ensure your endpoints have passed pre-encryption inspections and on-going health monitoring.
  • Use advanced reporting and auditing capabilities to quickly and easily demonstrate security compliance to internal and external auditors, and other key stakeholders.

McAfee Complete Data Protection suite offers drive encryption, file & removable media protection, management of native encryption, and ePO Deep Command.

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Gartner: Intel Security in the leaders quadrant for mobile data protection

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Need to manage Apple FileVault and Microsoft BitLocker? We have you covered.

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Stronger data protection and encryption with McAfee and Intel

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Features & Benefits

Protect devices with powerful data encryption

Prevent unauthorized system access and render sensitive data unreadable in the event of device loss or theft by implementing full-disk encryption and access control on all endpoint devices. Encryption options include enterprise-grade drive encryption or management of native encryption for Apple FileVault and Microsoft BitLocker management.

Ensure continual file and folder protection

Automatically and transparently encrypt files and folders on the fly — before they move through and outside your organization.

Extend the reach of IT

By communicating with endpoints at a level beyond the operating system, ePO Deep Command allows security administrators to configure and remediate hard-to-manage endpoints from a central site, using an established and familiar management platform — McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator.

Centralize and simplify your data security management

Use a single, centralized McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) console to implement and enforce mandatory, company-wide security policies that control how data is encrypted, monitored, and protected from loss. Centrally define, deploy, manage, and update data security policies that encrypt, filter, monitor, and block unauthorized access to confidential data.

Prove compliance with advanced reporting and auditing capabilities

Monitor real-time events and generate detailed reports that show auditors, senior management, and other stakeholders your compliance with internal and regulatory privacy requirements.


McAfee endpoint encryption solutions integrate industry-leading technologies to provide top performance, advanced data protection, and seamless deployment for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac endpoints. Learn more about each of these technologies below:

System Requirements

The following are minimum system requirements only. Recommended requirements are in parenthesis, where applicable. Actual requirements will vary depending on the nature of your environment.

Microsoft Windows-Based Endpoints

  • Operating systems
    • Microsoft Windows 8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit versions)
    • Microsoft Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit versions)
    • Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit versions)
    • Microsoft Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit versions)
    • Microsoft Windows 2008 Server (32-bit and 64-bit versions)
    • Microsoft Windows XP (32-bit version only)
    • Microsoft Windows 2003 Server with Service Pack 1 (SP1) or higher (32-bit version only)
  • Hardware requirements
    • CPU: Pentium III (1 GHz or faster)
    • RAM: 256 MB minimum (1 GB recommended)
    • Hard disk: 200 MB minimum free disk space
    • Network connection: TCP/IP for remote management

Apple Mac Laptop Endpoints

  • Operating systems
    • Mac OS X Leopard (10.5.8 or later)
    • Mac OS X Lion
    • Mac OS X Mountain Lion
    • Mac OS X Mavericks
  • Hardware requirements
    • CPU: Intel-based Mac laptop with 64-bit EFI
    • RAM: 1 GB minimum
    • Hard disk: 200 MB minimum free disk space
    • Network connection: TCP/IP for remote management

Customer Stories

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR)

Leveraging the Security Connected strategy, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation implemented SIEM, network IPS, data protection, and endpoint security solutions to secure its distributed IT environment over 37 locations.

  • Compliance with policy standards.
  • Dashboards enable centralized security management and provide easy access for executive reporting.


Data Sheets

McAfee Complete Data Protection

For a technical summary on the McAfee product listed above, please view the product data sheet.


Magic Quadrant for Mobile Data Protection 2014

McAfee positioned as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Mobile Data Protection.

Solution Briefs

Management of Native Encryption

With the rapid increase of PCs, tablets, and other devices in the enterprise environment, it’s critical to ensure that sensitive data is secure, and one of the best ways to achieve it is with encryption. Intel Security data protection solutions offer a variety of encryption capabilities and solutions to cover both Windows and Apple devices.

Breakthroughs in Zero Impact Data Protection

Help stop data loss while maintaining user productivity.

Endpoint Encryption Keeps Your Data Safe

McAfee endpoint encryption solutions protect valuable corporate data on end-user devices and shared servers with comprehensive encryption and integrated, centralized management, consistent policies, robust reporting, and proof-of-protection.

Enterprise-Ready Solutions for Comprehensive Data Security

All-inclusive drive support fuels both the performance of hardware-based encryption and the flexibility of software-based encryption.

Keep Your Client PCs Safer, Wherever They Go

Learn how hardware-enhanced solutions from Intel and McAfee help you protect and manage remote PCs and data.

Securing the Mobile Enterprise

Learn about McAfee's comprehensive range of integrated and centrally managed data protection solutions, extending from the enterprise’s data center to desktops, laptops, USB devices, smartphones, and tablets.

Ironclad Security for Lost Devices

Learn how McAfee Endpoint Encryption prevents data loss with comprehensive protection for a wide range of endpoints and robust, centralized management.

White Papers

Healthcare-Friendly Security

This white paper addresses the need for healthcare-friendly security as a means of minimizing the potential for data breaches while enabling its safe, transit, and storage of patient information in a clinical setting. McAfee, a part of Intel Security, provides solutions that integrate security software with hardware to empower healthcare practitioners with flexible technology options that enable them to deliver the best possible care.

Improving Data Protection with McAfee Drive Encryption

McAfee Drive Encryption provides a hybrid agent that can automatically and transparently detect whether software- or hardware-based encryption is needed.

Protect Your Company’s Data with Efficient Encryption and Secure Remote Management

This paper highlights how integrated hardware-software solutions from Intel and McAfee help you keep remote PCs and data safer with accelerated encryption and secure remote access to PCs powered by Intel Core vPro processors.

Top Five McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Tips

This paper highlights some of the top best practices for implementing McAfee endpoint products with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator software.



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