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Online Affiliations

Online Affiliations examines how aggressively the site tries to get you to go to other sites that we've flagged with red verdicts. It is a very common practice on the Internet for suspicious sites to have many close associates with other suspicious sites. The primary purpose of these 'feeder' sites is to get you to visit the suspicious site. A site can receive a red warning if, for example, it links too aggressively to other red sites. In effect, a site can become 'red by association' due to the nature of its relationship to red flagged domains.

DNS Servers for this Domain

Mail Information

Sender Information
  • First Seen: 2010-12-24
  • Last Seen: 2013-09-26

Message Volume
  • Daily avg 30 days:
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Mail Server Information

Web Spam Tests

Web Spam Tests

Web Spam Test results are SiteAdvisor's overall rating for a Web site's e-mail practices. We rate sites based on both how much e-mail we receive after entering an address on the site as well as how spammy the e-mail we receive looks. If either of these measures is higher than what we consider acceptable, we'll give the site a yellow warning. If both measures are high, or one of them looks particularly egregious, we'll give the site a red warning.

Download Tests

Download Tests

Download Test results indicate SiteAdvisor's overall rating about the impact a site's downloadable software had on our testing computer. Red flags are given to sites that have virus-infected downloads or that add unrelated software which many people would consider adware or spyware. The rating also takes note of the network servers a program contacts during its operation, as well as any modifications to browser settings or a computer's registry files.

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