McAfee Online Safety for Kids

As cybercrime continues to grow, McAfee has undertaken several initiatives to educate consumers and protect children. The McAfee Online Safety for Kids program was created with the goal to teach children how to safely access the Internet. Online Safety for Kids is a free school initiative that uses McAfee and Intel employees, McAfee partners, and consumers, who volunteer to educate both school-aged children and parents on how to stay safe online, and how to maintain strong online behavioral ethics.

Every presentation provides students and parents with materials based on the Stop.Think.Connect. national cybersecurity awareness campaign, which was developed by the Stop.Think.Connect. messaging convention. McAfee is a founding member of the public-private partnership of this convention, which is led by the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) and National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA).

Key Messages

As the largest and most dedicated security company, McAfee has a tremendous opportunity to provide children and families with the knowledge they need to remain safe from a variety of online threats ranging from cybercriminals to cyberbullies. At McAfee, we firmly believe everyone has the right to be safe online — particularly children.

Volunteers instruct children and parents to follow the steps outlined by the Stop.Think.Connect campaign in North America when accessing the Internet:

  • Stop — Take a moment to understand and spot potential risks before using the Internet.
  • Think — Pause and consider how your online actions may affect your safety before continuing online.
  • Connect — Once you have taken these steps to safeguard yourself and your family, enjoy the Internet with confidence.

Program Milestones

McAfee volunteers began teaching school-aged children how to safely access their digital devices and Internet with pilot programs in the United States in 2009. Since the launch of Online Safety for Kids, the program has vastly grown and maintains a global reach. McAfee volunteers have educated more than 200,000 children, parents, and teachers worldwide about how to remain safe and secure online. Intel employees also began reaching out and teaching curriculum to expand the efforts in early 2013.

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