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McAfee SECURE Service Powers 18 Percent Lift in New Traffic Sales Conversions

E-commerce business was founded in 1998 with the goal of becoming the premiere destination for high-quality yet affordable batteries for cell phones and other personal electronic devices. In addition to the widest product selection, guaranteed quality, and guaranteed low prices, the company prides itself on delivering phenomenal customer service—including the ability to talk to a live customer support specialist, fast shipping, a hassle-free one-year warranty, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

“Over the past decade, the e-business retail environment has become a lot more competitive,” says Tony Yorba, President and General Manager of “In the early years, it was easy to be the market leader. Now we compete with companies that have household name brand recognition as well as garage startups.” Consequently, is continually looking for ways to differentiate itself and deliver an optimized experience for its customers.

“An absolutely critical differentiator is trust,” notes Yorba. “Not only do our customers have to trust us with their credit card numbers, they have to trust that our merchandise can go safely inside their treasured devices—their smartphones, e-readers, tablets, laptops, and so on. Trust has to set us apart.”

“…the McAfee SECURE trustmark is giving us an almost 18 percent lift in sales conversions for 80 percent of the site’s traffic. I can’t think of anything else we’ve done that has had even close to that much impact.”

Tony Yorba
President and General Manager,

Many years ago, turned to the McAfee SECURE™ Service to scan its website daily for vulnerabilities and to display the McAfee SECURE trustmark. In the company’s ongoing quest to improve its site visitors’ experience, decided to test the effectiveness of displaying the McAfee SECURE trustmark in other locations and styles on its web pages. To conduct this multivariate testing, the company hired ConversionIQ, a company that specializes in conversion rate optimization for e-commerce and lead generation websites. ConversionIQ conducted testing of six scenarios—the current placement of the trustmark on the lower left side of the website home page (the control scenario), no McAfee SECURE trustmark, and the trustmark in four combinations with new locations and styles— for a period of four weeks, until a statistical confidence level of greater than 96 percent was achieved for each scenario.

By integrating the test with Google Analytics, ConversionIQ broke out sales conversions by traffic segment—all traffic, new traffic, and organic traffic (search-engine generated)—for each of the six scenarios. The two top performing scenarios, both of which added the McAfee SECURE trustmark to the page header, increased total sales conversions by 12.2 percent and 11.3 percent over the control scenario. Even more striking, for new traffic, these new scenarios increased sales conversions by 16.1 and 16.4 percent respectively.

Sales conversions of new traffic to the website are particularly important because four out of five visitors to the site are brand new. ConversionIQ’s testing showed that new site visitors tend to react most strongly to the presence of the McAfee SECURE trustmark, perhaps because they have not yet developed trust in the company and are concerned about phony sites and false promises. Whereas placement of the McAfee SECURE trustmark in a prominent place at the top of the web page grew new traffic sales conversions by an average of 16.25 percent, removal of the trustmark decreased new traffic sales conversions by 1.5 percent.

“Our traffic is coming from the same place as everyone else’s — Google, Amazon, comparison shopping sites—so we do everything in our power to keep the customer at our site… Nothing else we’ve done to optimize the customer experience has increased sales conversions as much as displaying the McAfee SECURE trustmark in a prominent location on every page, even before the checkout process.”

Tony Yorba
President and General Manager,

According to Yorba, implementation of the McAfee SECURE service is extremely easy. Placing the McAfee SECURE trustmark on website pages is simply a matter of placing a two-line Java script wherever you want the trustmark to appear. As the page loads, the user’s browser calls the McAfee server and, if the daily scan found no vulnerabilities, the trustmark appears with the current date. If the scan does find issues, immediately receives an alert and the appropriate person can log onto a McAfee portal to view the details. now places the McAfee SECURE trustmark in the header on every web page, including product detail pages. According to Bob Lang, director of business development at ConversionIQ, placing the trustmark on product detail pages has a huge influence on potential customers because these pages receive the highest traffic and are the first point of commitment. “Seeing the SECURE trustmark early helps the consumer decide to move forward,” he says, “and seeing it again in the shopping cart further reinforces buyer confidence.”

Results and ROI
As noted above, multivariate testing has confirmed that the McAfee SECURE trustmark is dramatically increasing sales conversions at— and even more so when placed strategically on web pages. ”The McAfee SECURE trustmark is giving us an almost 18 percent lift in sales conversions for 80 percent of the site’s traffic,” says Yorba. I can’t think of anything else we’ve done that has had even close to that much impact.” Furthermore, new customers become repeat customers whose value increases over time. Twenty percent of batteries4less customers are already repeat customers and one out of four of these repeat customers buy from the site three times a year.

In addition, the McAfee SECURE service helps keep the entire batteries4less business secure by comprehensively scanning the website daily for more than 50,000 vulnerabilities. Over the years, the company has upgraded its servers, switched out other hardware and software, and added new features and pages. Throughout all these changes, it has relied on the McAfee service to check compliance and security daily. “The McAfee SECURE service is continually being updated with the most current information available on the planet and using that information to check our site daily,” explains Yorba. “When it finds an issue, we can fix it within minutes rather than days because it shows us exactly where the issue lies.”

Yorba says that his company has stayed with the McAfee SECURE service for years, not only because of the value of the McAfee brand to prospective customers, but also because McAfee has been extremely responsive and has continued to increase the value of its service. Furthermore, going with McAfee has given him peace of mind. “It just works,” he says. “I don’t have to think about it.”

Moving Forward
Because of its success with, the company is developing another retail site that may be the prototype for multiple websites. Whether the new venture leads to one website or several, two things are certain: the company will carry over the knowledge it has gained about winning customer trust and loyalty, and the McAfee SECURE trustmark will be displayed prominently on all new web pages.

“The McAfee SECURE service is definitely a great investment,” concludes Yorba. “If you don’t believe it works, measure it. I’m a fact checker; I checked everything McAfee claimed and it all came to fruition. The sales conversion results just cannot be denied.”

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