Anti-Evasion and Advanced Evasion Techniques

The security industry's dirty little secret: How AETs sneak past your systems

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AETs vs. APTs: Do you know the difference?

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What Are AETs?

Advanced evasion techniques (AETs) are used by well-resourced, motivated attackers. AETs work by splitting up malicious payloads into smaller pieces, disguising them, and sending them across multiple protocols (see the infographic). Once inside, they reassemble to unleash malware. Finding a known exploit is easy, but finding AETs requires careful traffic analysis.

How Does McAfee Defend Against AETs?

Only McAfee Next Generation Firewall has the technology to detect and stop them prior to infecting your network. McAfee Next Generation Firewall has built-in technology that decodes and normalizes network traffic for inspection on all protocol layers, creating evasion-free traffic, free of exploits. McAfee provides the most effective protection available against the most determined attacks. Always up to date, this layer of security is critical to stop emerging network-based attacks that can bypass traditional network security solutions. Other vendors are years behind. McAfee Next Generation Firewall delivers:

  • Full stack, multilayer traffic normalization — deconstructs and decodes packets.
  • Stream-based data inspection and detection — works better than individual packet inspection.
  • Vulnerability-centric fingerprints detect exploits in normalized data streams.
  • Evasion characteristics are logged in matching context.
  • Advanced evasions are removed.
  • Continual process looks at layers 2-7 and all protocols (TCP, UDP, etc.)
  • Low false-positive alerting and reporting on advanced evasions.
  • No visible performance impact with this improved security posture.

McAfee Anti-Evasion Technologies protect all layers of your applications and network

How Can You Test Your Security Against AETs?

Download McAfee Evader, a free tool that assesses how well your existing network security devices stand up against AETs. This software-based testing environment enables you to launch controlled AET-borne attacks against your systems, and then modify evasions and combinations of attacks to see if the AET can get through.

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Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive protection

    Real-world protection against AET-borne attacks.
  • Always up-to-date security

    Regular anti-evasion technology updates are included in maintenance.
  • Interoperability

    McAfee’s anti-evasion technology adapts to physical, virtual, or hybrid network environments.

Test your network security against advanced evasion techniques (AETs)

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Advanced Evasion Techniques for Dummies

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If the network security system misses any type of evasion, it means a hacker can use an entire class of exploits to circumvent security products, rendering them virtually useless."

Rick Moy, President, NSS Labs