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What hackers use to cloak advanced persistent threats

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Capture, deconstruct, and analyze malware that is inside your network

McAfee Network Threat Response automatically identifies malware targeting internal network vulnerabilities, and instantly captures and analyzes it to aid in rapid remediation. This powerful cybertool for security analysts uncovers persistent attacks, reveals what attackers don't want us to see, and cuts threat analysis time down to minutes.

  • Comb through PDFs, Microsoft Office files, and other network activities looking for attempts to hide or obscure malicious content.
  • Identify attacks that trickle in over time, piecing together threat puzzles that slowly sneak into networks.
  • Automate tasks by uncovering signature patterns of malware activity in network traffic and then forwarding attack information for full analysis.
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Advanced threat detection and forensics

Maximize security staff effectiveness

Give your security team the power of 20 analysts and reverse engineers without requiring a single hire, allowing analysts to review every generated event in just minutes.

Increase flexibility and analytical capabilities

IPS solutions deployed in-line may miss complicated threats due to performance pressures. McAfee Network Threat Response sits out of band, freeing it to perform more in-depth analysis.

Deploy multifaceted exploit detection

Increase detection rates and uncover attacks with a suite of AV engines that validate network objects, and sandbox analysis tools that study suspicious objects in a virtual environment.

Detect shellcode and deobfuscate it for analysis

Leverage heuristics to detect the presence of shellcode—a set of instructions used by malware to infect and control a device—and deobfuscate it for easier analysis.

Speed incident response with PCAP analysis

Replay captured data through analysis engines where hidden traffic is decoded and key indicators are highlighted, giving analysts starting points for an investigation.

Low hanging fruits: The top five easiest ways to hack or get hacked

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System Requirements

McAfee Network Threat Response is a network security software solution that can run on a variety of hardware platforms. For optimal security and performance, we recommend running Network Threat Response on the CloudShield CS-4000 platform. Please see the data sheet for appliance specifications and details.