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Building Secure Software
Eliminate potential security flaws early in the software development lifecycle by understanding the processes for secure software design, development, and deployment.
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Forensics and Incident Response
Understand the techniques to identify, respond to, and recover from both insider and outsider attacks in this in-depth computer forensics course.
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Ultimate Hacking
Learn how to execute Internet, intranet, and host-level security, as well as how to perform penetration assessments and develop countermeasures.
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Ultimate Hacking: Expert
This advanced course offers seasoned security veterans an opportunity to test and develop their skills on defending against sophisticated attacks while showcasing how to safeguard their organization’s critical information assets.
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Ultimate Hacking: Web
Defend against malicious hackers by learning their trade. Understand the latest techniques for exploiting web-based applications, recognize vulnerabilities, develop countermeasures, and perform ongoing assessments of web security in this hands-on course.
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Ultimate Hacking: Wireless
Defend your wireless networks with confidence. Learn about the tools, techniques, and methods attackers use to target wireless infrastructures, and assess your security posture to develop effective countermeasures against increasingly sophisticated attacks.
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Ultimate Malware Analysis
Learn how to identify and respond to malware incidents and recognize the traces of differing attacks.
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Writing Secure Code: Java (J2EE)
Build secure and reliable web applications using Java by understanding the key security features of the J2EE platform and common web security pitfalls.
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