Peter Leav


President and CEO

Peter Leav is the President and CEO of McAfee.

Peter brings to McAfee a strong background in leading and growing multinational businesses. Over the course of his successful career in technology and services, he has led teams to create a shared vision and make strategic decisions while driving operational excellence.

Peter and the team are ushering the company into a new, cloud-first era where the safety and security of individuals, families, and communities rely on McAfee.

Prior to McAfee, Peter served as president and CEO of BMC Software, a software and services company that helps enterprises meet escalating digital demands and maximize IT innovation. Prior to BMC, Peter served as president and CEO of Polycom, a global collaboration business serving the enterprise market. Peter also served as president of industry and field operations at NCR Corporation, the global leader in consumer transaction technologies. At Motorola, Peter was corporate vice president and general manager of the enterprise business in North America, Latin America and EMEA. Earlier in his career, Peter held executive sales leadership positions at Symbol Technologies, Cisco Systems, and Tektronix.

He currently serves on the Board of Box and previously served on the Boards of Proofpoint, HD Supply, Inc. as well as the Eye Bank for Sight Restoration.

Peter holds a bachelor’s degree from Lehigh University.

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