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Make the digital world a safer place for your kids.

Keeping kids safe online


Children are exposed to a lot on the internet: between browsing at home, in school and on the go, there’s a lot they can encounter. That’s why it’s so important to use a parental control software that helps keep them safe, even when you can’t be there. McAfee Safe Family covers the basics and beyond by blocking certain websites and apps, managing screen time and even keeping track of your kids’ location.

Kids Safe Online
Monitory Activity

Monitor Activity

Stay on top of your kids’ device usage by easily monitoring their daily activity.

Limit Screen Time

Limit Screen Time

Restrict when your kids can use their devices, helping them focus at school and disconnect at home. 

Block apps

Block Apps and Filter Websites

Keep kids away from apps and websites that are inappropriate or distracting by toggling access on and off.




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Safe Family

Strong parental controls


McAfee provides strong parental controls to keep kids safe online, including website and search filtering. We’ll automatically block age-inappropriate sites, and also help you keep track of your kids’ locations and manage their screen time.

Frequently Asked Questions

With McAfee Safe Family, you can:

  • Stay on top of each child’s device usage by monitoring their daily activity

  • Restrict device usage to certain hours of the day

  • Block and restrict access to inappropriate or distracting apps 

  • Filter inappropriate or distracting websites

  • Create flexible rules to motivate your kids by granting them extra screen time or giving them access to their favorite apps and websites

  • Receive real-time notifications when your kids break a device rule

  • Place your kids in digital time-out to help them focus on spending time with family 

  • Monitor your children’s location and receive notifications when they arrive at or leave a known place like school or home

After you purchase McAfee Safe Family, you can access and set up parental controls via the Safe Family app on your desktop or mobile device. 

Operating System

  • iOS 9 and higher 

  • Android 4.4 and higher

  • Microsoft Windows 10**, 8.1, 8, and 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) **Windows Enterprise not supported  


Internet Connection Required

  • High-speed connection recommended

* Important Terms and Offer Details:

 Subscription, Pricing, and Automatic Renewal Terms: 

 Subscription, Pricing, and Automatic Renewal Terms:

  • The amount you are charged upon purchase is the price of the first term of your subscription. The length of your first term depends on your purchase selection (e.g. 1 month or 1 year).  Once your first term is expired, your subscription will be automatically renewed on an annual basis (with the exception of monthly subscriptions, which will renew monthly) and you will be charged the renewal term subscription price in effect at the time of your renewal, until you cancel.
  • Unless otherwise stated, if a savings amount is shown, it describes the difference between the first term and renewal term subscription prices (e.g., first year price vs. each year thereafter).
  • Pricing is subject to change. If the renewal price changes, we will notify you in advance so you always know what’s going on.
  • You can cancel your subscription or change your automatic renewal settings any time after purchase from your My Account page. To learn more about automatic renewal, click here
  • You may request a refund by contacting Customer Support within 30 days of initial purchase or within 60 days of automatic renewal (for 1 year or longer terms)
  • Your subscription is subject to our License Agreement and Privacy Notice. Subscriptions covering "all" devices are limited to supported devices that you own. Product features may be added, changed or removed during the subscription term.  Not all features may be available on all devices.  See System Requirements for additional information.

 Virus Protection Pledge Terms:

 Virus Protection Pledge Terms:

  • To be eligible for VPP you must be actively enrolled in our auto-renewal service with a qualifying product installed.  If we cannot remove a virus from a device we support (see VPP System Requirements), we’ll refund—for the current term of your subscription—the actual amount you paid for the qualifying product, or the value of the qualifying product if it was included in a bundle (see terms of service for details), less any discounts, rebates, refunds, shipping, handling or taxes.  The refund does not apply to any damage or loss caused by a virus—we strongly recommend that you always backup your data to prevent data loss. Refer to our terms of service for details: mcafee.com/pledge.

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