Natalie Maxfield

Director, McAfee Consumer Marketing

Natalie Maxfield has over twenty years in the technology sector with a focus in mobile security over the last decade. She is passionate about our mission to protect consumers in their everyday digital lives. As a busy working mom, she knows from experience that people rely on their mobile device more than ever to simply get life done and is fervent in her pursuit to empower them to do just that, carefree. When not pursuing the latest in mobile cybersecurity, Natalie enjoys personal fitness and spending time with her husband, three boys, and their three dogs.

Articles by Author

Mobile Security
Before You Download: Steer Clear of Malicious Mobile Apps
Cybercriminals like to get in on a good thing. Case in point, mobile apps. We love using...
Mobile Security
Help! I Think My Phone’s Been Hacked
It’s often pretty easy to tell when a piece of your tech isn’t working quite right. The...
Mobile Security
6 Tips for a Safer and Easier Telemedicine Visit
If your health care provider recommends a telemedicine visit for you or your child, it can be...
Mobile Security
COVID-19 Vaccine Passports: 5 Security Tips for You and Your Family
In an effort to kickstart travel and local economies, these so-called vaccine passports are more accurately a...
Mobile Security
Travel Smart: Protecting Your Family’s Smartphones While on Vacation
With families hitting the road for vacations once again, smartphones and chargers are coming along for the...
Mobile Security
7 Tips to Protect Your Smartphone from Getting Hacked
There’s little rest for your hard-working smartphone. If you’re like many professionals today, you use it for...
Siete consejos para impedir que su smartphone sufra un ataque
Su smartphone afronta jornadas maratonianas a diario. Como muchos profesionales de hoy en día, es probable que...
7 Tipps zum Schutz Ihres Smartphones vor Hackerangriffen
Ihr Smartphone kommt wahrscheinlich kaum zur Ruhe. Wie die meisten Berufstätigen nutzen Sie es für die Arbeit,...
7 conseils pour protéger votre smartphone contre le piratage
Votre smartphone est au four et au moulin. Si vous l'utilisez comme la majorité des professionnels d'aujourd'hui,...
Family Safety
How to Prepare for Your Child’s First Smartphone
Like taking off the training wheels and riding out into the neighborhood for the first time, a...
Comment vous préparer pour le premier smartphone de votre enfant
Comme lorsque l'on retire les petites roues d'un vélo pour rouler librement dans le quartier pour la...
Cómo prepararse para el primer smartphone de su hijo
Como cuando le quita los ruedines a su hijo para que aprenda a montar en bici, los...
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