Natalie Maxfield

Director, McAfee Consumer Marketing

Natalie Maxfield has over twenty years in the technology sector with a focus in mobile security over the last decade. She is passionate about our mission to protect consumers in their everyday digital lives. As a busy working mom, she knows from experience that people rely on their mobile device more than ever to simply get life done and is fervent in her pursuit to empower them to do just that, carefree. When not pursuing the latest in mobile cybersecurity, Natalie enjoys personal fitness and spending time with her husband, three boys, and their three dogs.

Articles by Author

Consumer Cyber Awareness
What’s the Difference Between Identity Fraud and Identity Theft?
What’s the difference between identity fraud and identity theft? Well, it’s subtle, so much so that it’s...
Consumer Cyber Awareness
Quizzes and Other Identity Theft Schemes to Avoid on Social Media
Before you take the fun-looking quiz that popped up in your social media feed, think twice. The...
Antes de descargar: evita las aplicaciones maliciosas de Android
A los delincuentes informáticos les gusta aprovecharse de lo bueno para hacer de las suyas. Por ejemplo,...
Antes de descargar: evite las aplicaciones de Android maliciosas
A los ciberdelincuentes les gusta aprovecharse de lo bueno. Por ejemplo, las aplicaciones móviles. A nosotros nos...
Alerte aux téléchargements : évitez les applis Android malveillantes
Les cybercriminels savent reconnaître une bonne affaire. Par exemple, les applis mobiles. Nous adorons utiliser des applis....
マカフィー Blog
不正な Android アプリを回避するために:ダウンロードする前にお読みください
サイバー犯罪者は、多くのユーザーが利用するものをターゲットにする傾向があります。例えば、モバイル アプリです。サイバー犯罪者は悪質なアプリを作成し、スマートフォンやその利用者に危害を加えようとします。この記事では、悪質なアプリの見分けるための 7 つの手順を紹介します。
Bitte vor dem Download lesen: Achtung vor bösartigen Android-Apps
Cyberkriminelle nutzen gern beliebte und weit verbreitete Dinge für ihre Zwecke aus. Ein Beispiel dafür sind mobile...
Antes de transferir: Evite aplicações Android maliciosas
Os cibercriminosos gostam de estragar a festa. Neste caso, as aplicações móveis. Adoramos utilizar aplicações e eles...
Méfiez-vous des applications malveillantes sous Android
Les cybercriminels aiment profiter des bonnes choses. Les applications mobiles en sont un parfait exemple. Nous adorons...
Prima di scaricare: evita le app Android dannose
Ai criminali informatici piace approfittare delle cose belle. Esempio tipico: le app per dispositivi mobili. Noi adoriamo...
Mobile Security
Before You Download: Steer Clear of Malicious Android Apps
Cybercriminals like to get in on a good thing. Case in point, mobile apps. We love using...
Consumer Cyber Awareness
Can Thieves Steal Identities With Only a Name and Address?
Can thieves steal identities with only a name and address? In short, the answer is “no.” However,...
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