Natalie Maxfield currently serves as Director of Consumer Cloud Product Marketing at McAfee. She joined McAfee two years ago because she was drawn to our mission to protect what matters most in today’s highly connected world. She is fervent in her dedication to ensure consumers and partners understand the importance of being safe online, whether that is at home or on the go. She recognizes security can be complex and at times daunting for consumers and this fuels her passion to ensure they are empowered with the right tools and the best experiences as they go through their daily digital life.

Prior to joining McAfee, Natalie held numerous strategic and marketing leadership roles at Verizon where she managed a broad portfolio of products inclusive of security solutions (powered by McAfee).
In her spare time, Natalie enjoys spending time with her three boys, three dogs (one for each boy!) and her husband; running and taking classes at her local gym; and spending time with friends and extended family.

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