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Mobile Security
Thelma – The Real-Life Voice Scam That Made It into the Movies
This has to be a first. Something from our blogs got made into a movie. We’re talking...
Internet Security
How Online Dating Scams work and How to Spot Them
Sarah didn’t see it coming. A single mom in her late 40s, “Sarah” was especially lonely after...
Family Safety
How Teens Date in the Digital Age
Falling in love in the internet age is a whole different ball game to the social-media-free ’70s,...
Family Safety
How to Get Kids Focused on Their Online Privacy
Kids engage online far differently than adults. Between group chats, social apps, and keeping up with digital...
Family Safety
Sextortion: What Your Kids Need to Know
Sextortion that targets children online is a growing threat to families. Here are ways to talk about...
How To Guides and Tutorials
How to Safeguard Your Digital Assets While Backpacking on a Budget
Traveling on a budget while backpacking allows individuals to immerse themselves fully in local cultures, explore off-the-beaten-path...
Privacy & Identity Protection
How to Protect Your Digital Identity
Protecting yourself from hackers and fraud means protecting your digital identity. And that can feel like a...
Privacy & Identity Protection
How to Avoid Being Phished by Your Phone
By now you’ve probably heard of the term “phishing”—when scammers try to fool you into revealing your...
Family Safety
How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online
I often joke about how I wish I could wrap up my kids in cotton wool to...
Internet Security
How Ozempic Scams Put People’s Finances and Health at Risk
As pharmacies each week fill more than one million prescriptions for Ozempic and other GLP-1 weight loss...
Internet Security
How to Protect Your Personal Data
All your online activity creates a trail of data. And that data tells a story. The story...
Family Safety
Family-Friendly Online Safety Tips for Summer Vacations
Summer vacations are a time for families to relax, unwind, and create lasting memories together. Whether you’re...

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