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White House Announces Possible Rise in Cyberattacks—What You Can Do to Stay Safe
The White House recently reissued a warning to American businesses in response to the unprecedented economic sanctions...
Family Safety
Helping Mom & Dad: Online Doctor Visits and Telemedicine
Whether it’s for routine care, a prescription refill, or a simple follow-up, online doctor visits offer tremendous...
Privacy & Identity Protection
It’s Data Privacy Day: Here’s How to Stay Protected in 2022
Although we live in an increasingly connected world, most of us give little thought to data privacy...
Privacy & Identity Protection
The Feeling of Safety
The internet’s greatest feat? Fundamentally shifting how we live. Once a revelation, it quickly set our long-standing...
Privacy & Identity Protection
What to Do If You’re Caught Up in a Data Breach
It happens with more regularity than any of us like to see. There’s either a headline in...
Privacy & Identity Protection
How to protect yourself from identity theft after a data breach
You read the headline in the news or receive an email from a company you do business...
Privacy & Identity Protection
Can Thieves Steal Identities With Only a Name and Address?
Can thieves steal identities with only a name and address? In short, the answer is “no.” However,...
Privacy & Identity Protection
How to Report Identity Theft to Social Security
With a Social Security Number (SSN), a thief can unlock everything from credit history and credit line...
Privacy & Identity Protection
How to Check if Someone is Using Your Identity
One of identity theft’s several downsides is how people discover they’ve become a victim in the first...
Internet Security
Top 10 COVID-19 Scams: How to Stay Protected
Check out these 10 common COVID-19 scams and learn how to protect your personal information from cybercriminals...
Internet Security
How Fraudsters Are Fooling Users With This Proof of Vaccination Phishing Scam
According to the Washington Post, pandemic-related email scams are on the rise, especially with the delta variant surging....
Family Safety
Can Your Wearable Health Monitors Be Compromised?
Wearable devices empower senior adults, giving them more independence over their health and physical safety. But how...
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