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McAfee Labs
Operation Diànxùn: Cyberespionage Campaign Targeting Telecommunication Companies
In this report the McAfee Advanced Threat Research (ATR) Strategic Intelligence team details an espionage campaign, targeting...
McAfee Labs
How Visiting a Trusted Site Could Infect Your Employees
The Artful and Dangerous Dynamics of Watering Hole Attacks A group of researchers recently published findings of...
McAfee Labs
Examining Code Reuse Reveals Undiscovered Links Among North Korea’s Malware Families
This research is a joint effort by Jay Rosenberg, senior security researcher at Intezer, and Christiaan Beek,...
McAfee Labs
McAfee Uncovers Operation Honeybee, a Malicious Campaign Targeting Humanitarian Aid Groups
This post was written with contributions from Jessica Saavedra-Morales, Thomas Roccia, and Asheer Malhotra.  McAfee Advanced Threat...
Executive Perspectives
An Analysis of the WannaCry Ransomware Outbreak
Charles McFarland was a coauthor of this blog. Over the course of Friday, May 12 we received...
McAfee Labs
Attacks on SWIFT Banking System Benefit From Insider Knowledge
In recent months, we’ve seen headlines about the compromise of a bank in Bangladesh from which cybercriminals...
McAfee Labs
Cybercrime ‘Highlights’ of First Quarter 2014
As a supplement to the next McAfee Labs Threats Report, which will appear next month, we offer...
Mobile Security
Vietnamese ‘Adult’ Apps on Google Play Open Gate to SMS Trojans
Malware related to short message services occupies a large portion of today’s Android malware families. These include...
Mobile Security
The Riskiest Web Domains Revealed – Mapping The Malweb
The world’s most heavily trafficked web domain, .COM, is now the riskiest, according to our fourth annual...

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