Amy Bunn

Chief Communications Officer

Amy Bunn is head of communications at McAfee and has worked in technology and cybersecurity for over 15 years. During this time, Amy has witnessed the changing technology landscape and the critical role that online protection plays today. Amy believes that families and individuals around the world should be free to enjoy all the benefits and advantages that the internet and technology afford and is passionate about making this a reality by discussing the very latest in cybersecurity tips and advice, which, when combined with robust online protection, can help empower people to live their life online with total confidence.

Articles by Author

Privacy & Identity Protection
How to Protect Your Digital Identity
Protecting yourself from hackers and fraud means protecting your digital identity. And that can feel like a...
Family Safety
Family-Friendly Online Safety Tips for Summer Vacations
Summer vacations are a time for families to relax, unwind, and create lasting memories together. Whether you’re...
Family Safety
How To Protect Your Family’s Smartphones While on Vacation
With families hitting the road for vacations once again, smartphones and chargers are coming along for the...
Privacy & Identity Protection
How to Report Identity Theft to Social Security
With a Social Security Number (SSN), a thief can unlock everything from credit history and credit line...
Privacy & Identity Protection
How to Protect Yourself from Bank Fraud
More and more transactions occur over the internet rather than at a teller’s window, and nearly every...
Internet Security
How to Protect Yourself From Social Media Harassment
Some conversations on social media can get … heated. Some can cross the line into harassment. Or...
Internet Security
The Top Tax Scams of 2024
While last-minute tax filers stare down the clock, scammers look for easy pickings. Tax scams are in...
Privacy & Identity Protection
How to Steer Clear of Tax Season Scams
It's that time of year again – tax season! Whether you've already filed in the hopes of an early refund...
Mobile Security
Avoid Making Costly Mistakes with Your Mobile Payment Apps
P2P mobile payment apps could cost you a couple bucks or more if you’re not on the...
Privacy & Identity Protection
Quizzes and Other Identity Theft Schemes to Avoid on Social Media
Before you take the fun-looking quiz that popped up in your social media feed, think twice. The...
Privacy & Identity Protection
How to Protect Your Financial Data During Tax Season
W-2 phishing scams often involve emails that appear to be from the IRS or another official source,...
Mobile Security
Why You Need a VPN on Your Smartphone
Using a VPN on your smartphone can boost your privacy in a big way, particularly with all...
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