Amy Bunn

Chief Communications Officer

Amy Bunn is head of communications at McAfee and has worked in technology and cybersecurity for over 15 years. During this time, Amy has witnessed the changing technology landscape and the critical role that online protection plays today. Amy believes that families and individuals around the world should be free to enjoy all the benefits and advantages that the internet and technology afford and is passionate about making this a reality by discussing the very latest in cybersecurity tips and advice, which, when combined with robust online protection, can help empower people to live their life online with total confidence.

Articles by Author

Privacy & Identity Protection
Artificial Imposters—Cybercriminals Turn to AI Voice Cloning for a New Breed of Scam
Three seconds of audio is all it takes.   Cybercriminals have taken up newly forged artificial intelligence (AI)...
Privacy & Identity Protection
Could ChatGPT Cause Heartbreak with Online Dating Scams?
Scammers now have new tools to lure people who are looking for love online, by reeling in...

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