Jasdev Dhaliwal

Director of Marketing and Security Evangelist

Jasdev is a Director of Marketing at McAfee and a specialist in consumer security and online privacy. With over 10 years of security industry experience, he is a regular writer on the current security landscape and likes to educate others on how to keep themselves, their families, and their homes safe online.

Articles by Author

Internet Security
Secret Selfies: Can Phones Take Pictures and Videos of You Without Your Knowledge?
It’s a longstanding question: can your phone really take selfies without your knowledge?  The answer is yes,...
Internet Security
Online Job Scams – TikTokers Tell Their Stories, with a Warning
We reported earlier this year, a fresh rash of online job scams continue to rope in plenty...
Internet Security
On Public Wi-Fi, a VPN is Your Friend
You can almost feel it in the air. Wi-Fi is everywhere. And if you tap into public...
Internet Security
10 Artificial Intelligence Buzzwords You Should Know
Artificial intelligence used to be reserved for the population’s most brilliant scientists and isolated in the world’s...
Internet Security
This Election Season, Be on the Lookout for AI-generated Fake News
It’s that time of year again: election season! You already know what to expect when you flip...
Internet Security
World Wide Web Day: How to Protect Your Family Online
The first of August marks the celebration of World Wide Web Day – a day dedicated to...
Privacy & Identity Protection
Four Ways To Use AI Responsibly
Are you skeptical about mainstream artificial intelligence? Or are you all in on AI and use it...
Internet Security
Scammers Love Barbie: Fake Videos Promote Bogus Ticket Offers That Steal Personal Info
Turns out, scammers really love Barbie.  As Barbie makes her debut on the big screen, scammers are...
Privacy & Identity Protection
Sharing Isn’t Always Caring: Tips to Help Protect Your Online Privacy
When it comes to protecting your privacy, take a close look at your social media use—because sharing...
Privacy & Identity Protection
What Is Generative AI and How Does It Work?
It’s all anyone can talk about. In classrooms, boardrooms, on the nightly news, and around the dinner...
Mobile Security
iPhone Update — Apply It Now If You Haven’t Already
Apple recently issued an urgent iPhone update, iOS version 16.5.1. If you haven’t updated yet, you should. ...
Internet Security
3 Reasons to Think Twice About Enabling Location Sharing
Do you remember the days of printing out directions from your desktop? Or the times when passengers...
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