Jasdev Dhaliwal

Director of Marketing and Security Evangelist

Jasdev is a Director of Marketing at McAfee and a specialist in consumer security and online privacy. With over 10 years of security industry experience, he is a regular writer on the current security landscape and likes to educate others on how to keep themselves, their families, and their homes safe online.

Articles by Author

Internet Security
What is Sora and What Does It Mean for Your Personal Internet Security?
Imagine a tool that can transform text into captivating videos, bridging the gap between imagination and reality...
McAfee News
McAfee Joins Tech Accord to Combat Use of AI in 2024 Elections
This year marks the world’s biggest election year yet. An estimated four billion voters will head to...
Internet Security
France Gets Hit with Its Largest Data Breach Ever — What You Need to Know
Two massive data breaches in France have impacted roughly half the nation’s population. The data of an...
Internet Security
This Election Season, Be on the Lookout for AI-generated Fake News
It’s that time of year again: election season! You already know what to expect when you flip...
Internet Security
26 Billion Records Released in “The mother of all breaches”
Security researchers have discovered a massive data breach containing more than 26 billion records — a hacker’s...
Internet Security
No, Taylor Swift Won’t Send You a Free Dutch Oven — The New AI Cloning Scam
Taylor Swift wants plenty of good things for her fans — but a free Dutch oven isn’t...
Internet Security
New Year, New Tech at CES — The Latest Protection for the Latest Tech
New year, new tech. That’s what hits the floor at the CES show each January in Las...
Internet Security
Staying Safe in the Age of AI
We’ve seen how AI can create — and how it can transform our lives. What gets talked...
Internet Security
6 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2024 – Staying Ahead of the Latest Hacks and Attacks
AI and major elections, deepfakes and the Olympics — they all feature prominently in our cybersecurity predictions...
Mobile Security
Click! Protect Yourself from QR Code Scams
Imagine paying $16,000 to park your car in a lot for a couple of hours. That’s what...
Internet Security
Safer AI: Four Questions Shaping Our Digital Future
Depending on the day’s most popular headlines, AI is either a panacea or the ultimate harbinger of...
Internet Security
What Is Credential Phishing?
You guard the keys to your home closely, right? They have their own special spot in your...
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