Jasdev Dhaliwal

Director of Marketing and Security Evangelist

Jasdev is a Director of Marketing at McAfee and a specialist in consumer security and online privacy. With over 10 years of security industry experience, he is a regular writer on the current security landscape and likes to educate others on how to keep themselves, their families, and their homes safe online.

Articles by Author

Internet Security
The Top 10 Online Booking Scam Hotspots in the U.S. Revealed
With a record-breaking number of Americans set to travel over the July 4th holiday, most of them...
Privacy & Identity Protection
How to Stop Phone Spoofing
We all get them: phone calls that appear to come from someone we may know, but turn...
How To Guides and Tutorials
What Personal Data Do Companies Track?
Private tech companies gather tremendous amounts of user data. Understand what information is being collected by tech...
Mobile Security
How to Protect Yourself from Vishing
“Vishing” occurs when criminals cold-call victims and attempt to persuade them to divulge personal information over the...
How To Guides and Tutorials
How to Safely Connecting to Public Wi-Fi While Traveling
As the summer sun beckons us to explore new destinations, many of us rely on public Wi-Fi...
Mobile Security
Thelma – The Real-Life Voice Scam That Made It into the Movies
This has to be a first. Something from our blogs got made into a movie. We’re talking...
Internet Security
How Online Dating Scams work and How to Spot Them
Sarah didn’t see it coming. A single mom in her late 40s, “Sarah” was especially lonely after...
Mobile Security
How to Avoid Being Phished by Your Phone
By now you’ve probably heard of the term “phishing”—when scammers try to fool you into revealing your...
Internet Security
How to Delete Your Browser History
Deleting your browsing history has its benefits. For one, it can improve the performance of your device....
Privacy & Identity Protection
How Free VPNs Come With a Price
A personal VPN is simply a piece of software that can establish a secure tunnel over the internet, offering you...
How To Guides and Tutorials
How Data Brokers Sell Your Identity
Data brokers gather hundreds, sometimes thousands, of data points on individuals. The question is, how do they...
How To Guides and Tutorials
How to Stay Safe Against Scams While Traveling
Following a whirlwind year of travel in 2023, 40% of Americans are gearing up for even more...
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