Jasdev Dhaliwal

Director of Marketing and Security Evangelist

Jasdev is a Director of Marketing at McAfee and a specialist in consumer security and online privacy. With over 10 years of security industry experience, he is a regular writer on the current security landscape and likes to educate others on how to keep themselves, their families, and their homes safe online.

Articles by Author

Internet Security
Anyone Can Try ChatGPT for Free—Don’t Fall for Sketchy Apps That Charge You
Anyone can try ChatGPT for free. Yet that hasn’t stopped scammers from trying to cash in on...
Privacy & Identity Protection
Why Are Some Countries Banning TikTok?
Waiting in the checkout line. Waiting to fall asleep. Waiting for your boring work call to finally...
Privacy & Identity Protection
How To Create The Strongest Passwords
Some of the strongest passwords you can use are the ones you don’t have to remember.  Strange...
Mobile Security
7 Tips to Protect Your Devices and Private Information from Ransomware
Imagine that you want to pull up a certain file on your computer. You click on the...
Mobile Security
Everything You Need to Know to Avoid a Man-in-the-Middle Mobile Attack
Monkey in the middle, the beloved playground staple, extends beyond schoolyards into corporate networks, home desktops, and...
Privacy & Identity Protection
How To Prevent Ransomware
Ransomware. Even the name sounds scary.  When you get down to it, ransomware is one of the...
Privacy & Identity Protection
How To Spring Clean Your Digital Devices
Whether it’s indeed spring where you are or not, you can give your devices, apps, and online...
Privacy & Identity Protection
How To Prevent Downloading Malicious Software
Malware—the term seems to be at the center of the news every day, with each headline telling...
Internet Security
Safer Internet Day: Through a Parent’s Eyes
Safer Internet Day celebrates its 20th year on February 7th and focuses on ways we can all...
Privacy & Identity Protection
How a Close Relative Lost $100,000 to an Elder Scam
Written by James Schmidt  Editor’s Note: We often speak of online scams in our blogs, ones that...
Privacy & Identity Protection
How To Recover Your Identity After It Has Been Stolen
It’s been like this from the start—wherever people shop, do business, or simply gather together, you’ll find...
Privacy & Identity Protection
How To Distinguish Between Online Protection Software and Antivirus
Authored by Dennis Pang  Online protection software. Antivirus. The two words get used interchangeably often enough. But...
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