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Internet Security
Deepfake Defense: Your 8-Step Shield Against Digital Deceit
A disturbing story out of western Spain spotlights challenges of technological evolution. Unwitting children and teenagers were...
Internet Security
Six Steps to Protect Kids From Harmful Online Content
November 20 is World Children’s Day, a day that celebrates “international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and...
Internet Security
The Benefits of Protection – How Organizations Gain from Digital Wellness
This is the final in a series of three articles covering digital wellness programs in the workplace....
Internet Security
The Benefits of Protection – Why Employees Place a High Value on Digital Wellness
In workplaces around the world, employees agree — they feel strongly about online protection.  Our joint research...
Internet Security
The Benefits of Protection – The Case for Digital Wellness in the Workplace
This is the first in a series of three articles covering digital wellness programs in the workplace....
Internet Security
’Tis the Season for Holiday Scams: 5 Common Schemes to Look Out For
This time of year, the air gets chillier and a bit cheerier for everyone … including online...
Internet Security
Advances in Our Use of AI Keep You Even Safer Online
AI is on your side. In fact, it’s kept you safer online for some time now.  Now...
Internet Security
The Top Facebook Marketplace Scams to Look Out For
Reels of another kind rack up the views online. Stories about Facebook Marketplace scams.  Recently, TikTok’er Michel...
Internet Security
Cryptojacking – Stop Hackers from Making Money Off You
Your pain is their gain. That’s how things go in a cryptojacking attack. Cryptomining is the utilization...
Internet Security
How much do you count on the internet every day?
Maybe you do armloads of shopping on it. Maybe you skip going to the bank because you...
Mobile Security
Unprotected Mobile Devices
The unfortunate reality of our digital era is that devices are lost, misplaced, or stolen every day....
Mobile Security
123456 Is Not an Acceptable Password
A common misconception is that a password only needs to be memorable. Whilst this is a helpful...
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