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Understanding How Bitcoin Mining Poses Security Risks

The value of Bitcoin has had its ups and downs over the past several years, but continues to attract interest in the midst of a chaotic market. The rapid growth of this alternate currency has dominated headlines and ignited a cryptocurrency boom that left consumers everywhere wondering how to get ...


What is disk cleanup and does it remove viruses?

What is Disk Cleanup and does it remove viruses? It happens. You’re in the middle of a computing task, and your screen blinks. The blue screen (Stop Error) is shown with the message that your PC ran into an error and needs to restart. These hiccups occur when your computer’s ...


My email has been hacked! What should I do next?

Signs Your Email Was Hacked With the advent of #Staysafe and #Shelterinplace, the increase of personal email com-munication has skyrocketed. This increase has allowed clever hackers to worm their way into installing viruses via attachments as well as other common techniques. You Know You’ve Been Hacked When… Your Contacts are ...

Consumer Threat Notices

Protect Yourself Against Phishing Scams With These Security Tips

Phishing is one of the oldest cyberthreats in the book, and yet still one of the most effective. As people across the globe find themselves taking to the internet more than ever before, criminals see this as an opportunity to release phishing attacks on unsuspecting users. In fact, Security Boulevard found a 600% rise in phishing ...

Consumer Threat Notices

How to Stay Protected From Malware While Online at Home

Our everyday lives are not what they used to be three months ago. Many users have made the transition from working in an office to working from home and students have adopted distance learning. But while the world focuses on one virus sweeping the globe, criminals see an opportunity to spread other types of viruses ...


Good Malware Protection Doesn’t Need to Slow You Down!

Good malware protection doesn’t need to slow you down! “Security software slows down my PC.” This is a comment that is often heard when talking about malware protection on computers and laptops. While this may be true for many security products, even including the security software that is built into ...


McAfee Recognized on CRN’s 2020 Women of the Channel

Every year CRN recognizes the women who are leading the channel and their unique strengths, vision, and achievements. This prestigious, annual list acknowledges channel leaders who are blazing a trail for future generations. These women are from all areas of the IT ecosystem, including technology vendors, distributors, solution providers, and ...


ST19: Unified Cloud Edge with Cindy Chen & Michael Schneider

In this episode, Senior Product Marketing Manager Cindy Chen and Senior Manager of Product Management Michael Schneider take us through the details of Unified Cloud Edge.


ST18 Chinese Cyber Crime with Anne An & Patrick Flynn

The head of McAfee Advanced Programs Group, Patrick Flynn and Security Researcher Anne An discuss Chinese Cyber Crime trends and operations.


Why Do I Need a Password Manager?

Whether you’re on the internet all day or sign on only occasionally, all of us have a lot of passwords to manage. What’s more, security experts recommend we use powerful and unique passwords for each online account to prevent serious crimes like identity theft. Fortunately, there’s an easy solve – ...

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