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Mobile Security
Beat Robocallers at Their Game
Some scams make a telltale sound—rinnng, rinnng! Yup, the dreaded robocall. But you can beat them at their game.    Maybe it’s a...
Privacy & Identity Protection
Protect Your Social Media Passwords from Hacks and Attacks
What does a hacker want with your social media account? Plenty.  Hackers hijack social media accounts for...
Family Safety
10 Back-to-School Tech Tips for Kids, Teens and College Students
Farewell, summer. Hello, back-to-school season! While the chill may not be in the air yet, parents may...
Internet Security
The Wild West of AI: Do Any AI Laws Exist?
Are we in the Wild West? Scrolling through your social media feed and breaking news sites, all...
Internet Security
AI in the Wild: Malicious Applications of Mainstream AI Tools
It’s not all funny limericks, bizarre portraits, and hilarious viral skits. ChatGPT, Bard, DALL-E, Craiyon,, and...
Privacy & Identity Protection
What is Spyware?
Spyware. If the name sounds creepy and invasive, that’s because it is.  The thought of someone virtually...
Tips & Tricks
How to Tell Whether a Website Is Safe or Unsafe
Something looks a little … sketchy. Is that website safe or unsafe?   Nowadays, it can take a...
Tips & Tricks
What Are Tailgating Attacks and How to Protect Yourself From Them
Holding the door for someone might open the way to a cyberattack. For anyone who works in...
Mobile Security
Mobile Spyware: How Hackers Can Turn Your Phone Into a Stalking Machine
Some crooks and shady characters will invade your privacy simply by asking for your permission to snoop—through...
Internet Security
Phony Valentines: Online Dating Scams and How to Spot Them
Sarah didn’t see it coming.   A single mom in her late 40s, “Sarah” was especially lonely after...
Internet Security
Be Mindful of These 3 AI Tricks on World Social Media Day
Happy World Social Media Day! Today’s a day about celebrating the life-long friendships you’ve made thanks to...
Privacy & Identity Protection
Digital Estate Planning – What to Do With Your Digital Assets
Like anything else we own including digital assets such as photo libraries, ebooks, emails address or even...
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