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Consumer Cyber Awareness
Top 10 COVID-19 Scams: How to Stay Protected
Check out these 10 common COVID-19 scams and learn how to protect your personal information from cybercriminals...
Family Safety
How to Talk to Your Grandparents About Cybersecurity
In celebration of National Grandparents Day (Sept 12), this guide will teach concerned younger family members the...
McAfee News
Stay on top of your online security with our Protection Score
Protection Score is the new McAfee innovation that helps you stay on top of you online security....
Privacy & Identity Protection
T-Mobile’s data breach exposes the personal data of 40 million
T-Mobile, the popular US mobile phone service provider, recently confirmed a data breach affecting 7.8 million current customers and 40 million records from past...
Mobile Security
4 Viral Apps Risking Your Personal & Smartphone Security
Smartphone users often download viral apps without a second thought; however, it’s best to do your research...
Family Safety
McAfee Security Alert: Protect Your Smart Cameras and Wi-Fi Baby Monitors
An important alert for anyone who uses smart cameras, Wi-Fi baby monitors, and other connected devices that...
Volta às aulas: preocupações com a privacidade na era do ensino remoto
Se seu filho faz parte da população de alunos que volta às aulas através do ensino remoto,...
Ritorno a scuola: apprendimento a distanza e privacy online
Molte scuole adotteranno l'apprendimento a distanza anche quest'anno, ma ciò potrebbe mettere a rischio la privacy degli...
Les soucis de confidentialité dans un monde d’apprentissage à distance
Si votre enfant fait partie des élèves qui poursuivront l'apprentissage à distance à la rentrée, ce choix...
Rentrée scolaire : Soucis de confidentialité à l’ère de l’apprentissage à distance
Si votre enfant fait partie des étudiants pour lesquels rentrée scolaire rime avec apprentissage à distance, cette...
Vuelta al cole: privacidad y clases online
Si su hijo es uno de esos alumnos que continuarán con las clases online pasadas las vacaciones,...
Rückkehr in die Schule: Datenschutzgefahren beim Distanzunterricht
Wenn Ihr Kind zu den Schüler*innen gehört, die zu Beginn der Schulzeit weiterhin im Fernunterricht lernen, könnte...
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