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Get Yourself AI-powered Scam Protection That Spots and Block Scams in Real Time
The tables have turned. Now you can use AI to spot and block scam texts before they...
Internet Security
RUOK Day – How to Get Help Online When You’re Not Feeling OK
I’m such a fan of RUOK? Day. Started in 2009, it’s an Australian non-profit suicide prevention that...
Internet Security
Cookie Theft: How to Keep Cybercriminals Out of Your Accounts
Chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodle: Cybercriminals have a sweet tooth just like you. But their favorite type...
Internet Security
How Typosquatting Scams Work
Your teacher was right. Spelling counts, particularly to scammers. Enter the world of typosquatting scams. Also known...
Internet Security
The Future of Work: How Technology & the WFH Landscape Are Making an Impact
Over the past few months, the American job market has seen a lot of change. While some industries have experienced...
McAfee News
McAfee’s New Privacy & Identity Guard Launches at Staples Stores
Your privacy means everything. And your identity too. The launch of McAfee Privacy & Identity Guard will...
Internet Security
USB Drives – Protecting Your Humble Workhorse from Malware and Loss
The humble USB drive—the workhorse of students, professionals, and everyday computer users. No wonder hackers put USB...
Internet Security
A Traveler’s Guide to International Cybersecurity
When you think of the most valuable thing you could lose while traveling, what comes to mind? Your suitcase, wallet,...
Privacy & Identity Protection
Online Banking—Simple Steps to Protect Yourself from Bank Fraud
More and more transactions occur over the internet rather than at a teller’s window, and nearly every...
Family Safety
How to Protect Your Smart Cameras and Wi-Fi Baby Monitors
An important alert for anyone who uses smart cameras, Wi-Fi baby monitors, and other connected devices that send audio or...
Internet Security
How to Safeguard Your LinkedIn Account and Strengthen Your Security
If you’re a LinkedIn user, log in now and strengthen your security. Reports indicate that LinkedIn accounts...
Internet Security
Be on the Lookout for Scam Tech Support Calls
Tech support scams constitute a multi-billion-dollar industry, and these scams can be costly. Fortunately, they're not hard...
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