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Get Yourself AI-powered Scam Protection That Spots and Block Scams in Real Time
The tables have turned. Now you can use AI to spot and block scam texts before they...
Internet Security
Introducing Social Privacy Manager
If you’re concerned about your privacy on social media, you have plenty of company. Here’s something else...
Privacy & Identity Protection
What is a VPN? How It Can Make Your Time Online More Private and Secure.
What is a VPN (virtual private network)? And how can it make your time online more secure—and...
Privacy & Identity Protection
Plenty of Phish in the Sea—Your Guide to Spotting Phishing Emails and Scams
There are plenty of phish in the sea.  Millions of bogus phishing emails land in millions of...
Privacy & Identity Protection
Online Banking—Simple Steps to Protect Yourself from Bank Fraud
More and more transactions occur over the internet rather than at a teller’s window, and nearly every...
Privacy & Identity Protection
5 Ways to Protect Your Online Privacy
From the moment we open our browsers, our personal data privacy is put into question as a...
Family Safety
Valentine’s Alert: Don’t Let Scammers Break Your Heart or Your Bank Account
As with any major holiday or special occasion, Valentine’s Day is unfortunately not immune to scammers looking...
Privacy & Identity Protection
How to Protect Your Social Media Accounts
Now’s a fine time to give your social media settings and habits a closer look, all so...
Internet Security
Safer Internet Day: Telling What’s Real from What’s Fake Online
On Safer Internet Day, we ask an important question: how can you tell what’s real and what’s...
Privacy & Identity Protection
How to Delete Yourself from the Internet
While you can’t delete your personal info from the internet entirely, you can take strong steps to...
Mobile Security
Beat Robocallers at Their Game
Some scams make a telltale sound—rinnng, rinnng! Yup, the dreaded robocall. But you can beat them at their game.    Maybe it’s a...
Privacy & Identity Protection
AI in the Hands of Cybercriminals: How to Spot Fake Art and Deepfakes
Artificial intelligence (AI) is making its way from high-tech labs and Hollywood plots into the hands of...
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