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McAfee Labs
Facebook Bot Spreads Through Chat Messengers [Updated]
Update from Facebook: The Facebook security team been actively tracking this botnet and providing McAfee AV to...
McAfee Labs
AutoIt and Malware: What’s the Connection?
During the last couple of weeks I’ve come across three malware samples packed using compiled AutoIt scripts,...
Security News
LilyJade Version 2.0: a Malicious Browser Extension
In order to gain popularity and usability, web browsers offer extra features. Chief among these are browser...
Mobile Security
What Are The Risks Of A Lost Or Stolen Mobile Device?
Have you ever thought about what would happen if you lost your mobile phone? These days we...
Privacy & Identity Protection
Yahoo! Hacked: 15 Tips To Better Password Security
In light of the Yahoo Voices hack where 450,000 passwords have been compromised, it’s time again to...
Privacy & Identity Protection
On July 9th Millions May Lose Access To Internet
As reported in March, the FBI has uncovered a network of rogue DNS servers and has taken...
McAfee Labs
Combating Malware and Advanced Persistent Threats
In the past decade, the security industry has seen a constant rise in the volume of malware...
Mobile Security
How Does Jailbreaking Or Rooting Affect My Mobile Device Security?
You may have heard the term jailbreaking or rooting in regards to your mobile phone, but what...
McAfee Labs
‘Bioskits’ Join Ranks of Stealth Malware
We have seen many discussions of the MyBios “Bioskit” discovered at the end of 2011. MyBios was...
McAfee Labs
Spreading the Flame: Skywiper Employs ‘Windows Update’
Microsoft has issued Security Advisory 2718704, in which the company disclosed that it recently became aware of...
Privacy & Identity Protection
‘Flame’ Has Been Lit in Cyberspace – What Consumers Should Know
This week, a new complex malware, known as Flame or Skywyper, was uncovered and has reportedly affected...
McAfee Labs
Jumping Into the Flames of Skywiper
There has been quite a bit of analysis and speculation about the Flamer/Skywiper threat. As we started...
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