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McAfee Labs
Jumping Into the Flames of Skywiper
There has been quite a bit of analysis and speculation about the Flamer/Skywiper threat. As we started...
Privacy & Identity Protection
How Do I Protect Myself When Using Wi-Fi?
Wi-Fi is everywhere. Whether you travel for business or simply need Internet access while out and about,...
Family Safety
What Does It Take To Be Digitally Secure?
Let’s get one thing straight: it’s no longer possible to deny that your life in the physical...
McAfee Labs
‘Android/NotCompatible’ Looks Like Piece of PC Botnet
A lot of recent attacks on Android users are attributed to fake websites of popular applications such...
McAfee Labs
Pastebin Shares Botnet Source Code
Few days back, we found another Pastebin entry that contains a source which looks to be malicious...
Mobile Security
Mobile and Phishing – Why It’s More Dangerous
Phishing occurs when scammers send emails that appear to have been sent by legitimate, trusted organizations in...
McAfee Labs
CVE-2012-0158 Exploit in the Wild
Since last week, we have seen many specially crafted files exploiting CVE-2012-0158, a vulnerability in MSCOMCTL.OCX in...
McAfee Labs
Latest SpyEye Botnet Active and Cheaper
On April 16, we found a Pastebin entry selling the latest version of the infamous SpyEye botnet...
McAfee Labs
Digging Into the Nitol DDoS Botnet
Nitol is a distributed denial of service (DDoS) botnet that seems to be small and not widely...
McAfee Labs
Hacker Leaves Online Trail, Loses Anonymity
Since March 20, the @Anonw0rmer Twitter account has been silent. Its owner, w0rmer, is known as a...
McAfee Labs
Darkshell DDOS Botnet Evolves With Variants
Darkshell is a distributed denial of service (DDoS) botnet targeting Chinese websites. It was found in 2011...
Mobile Security
Protect Yourself from Vishing
“Vishing” occurs when criminals cold-call victims and attempt to persuade them to divulge personal information over the...
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