Toni Birdsong is a Family Safety Evangelist for McAfee. She is an author, speaker, and cyber savvy mom of two teenagers (much to their dismay). As a family safety evangelist for McAfee, she focuses on online safety and often speaks to educators, parents, and teens about dodging the dangers online. She is the co-owner of Birdsong Creative, a Nashville-based web design company, where she specializes in social media and brand strategy.

Her writing background includes a journalism career in Los Angeles where she specialized in technology, business and politics. Toni also spent nearly a decade as a Sr. Communication Specialist for The Walt Disney Company writing extensively about the people and the technology behind the magic. She is an Apple products fanatic, mobile app addict, and when she’s not blogging or reading Mashable, you will find her unapologetically stalking her kids online.

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Family Safety

25 Amazing Quotes To Inspire You This Fathers Day

Today’s blog post is going to take a little detour off the main road. We’re going to pause from gulping down information and slaying cyber dragons and simply refuel our parenting tanks. So often the best wisdom comes from lands far beyond our well-traveled parenting peripheral. The best ideas and most brilliant ...

Family Safety

Reports of Online Predators on the Rise. How to Keep Your Kids Safe. 

June is Internet Safety Month. And, with kids spending more time online, stepping up the public conversation about digital risks couldn’t come at a better time. The past few months have created what some experts call the perfect storm for online predators. Schools are closed, kids are on devices more, ...

Family Safety

Is Your Child Being Cyberbullied? What Parents Need to Know

In this season of social distancing, teens need their friends more than ever. Daily digital connection — through texting, video chat, social networks, and gaming — is critical to keeping friend groups strong. But could increased time online these days lead to an increase in cyberbullying? While there isn’t data ...

Family Safety

What’s the Right Age to Give Your Child a Phone?

“Can I pleeease have my own phone?” The “first phone” is one of the most loaded questions a child can ask and it can start as early as elementary school. And, with kids homebound most of the time, boredom could be fueling that dreaded request even more. That’s because phones ...


WhatsApp: i messaggi “privati” lo sono veramente?

Violazioni della sicurezza in WhatsApp: i messaggi “privati” lo sono veramente? WhatsApp è una delle app di messaggistica istantanea più diffuse e molti la considerano come un social network vero e proprio. Quindi, per proseguire la nostra discussione sulla sicurezza delle app ci occuperemo di alcune delle principali violazioni della ...


WhatsApp : vos messages « privés » le sont-ils réellement?

Piratage de sécurité sur WhatsApp : vos messages « privés » le sont-ils réellement? WhatsApp est l’un des systèmes de messagerie instantanée les plus utilisés et est considéré par beaucoup comme un réseau social à part entière. Dans le cadre de notre discussion sur la sécurité des applications, nous allons ...


WhatsApp: vos messages soit-disant privés le sont-ils réellement?

Des failles de sécurité dans WhatsApp : vos messages soit-disant privés le sont-ils réellement ? WhatsApp, l’une des plus importantes messageries instantanées, est considéré par plusieurs comme un réseau social. Ainsi, pour poursuivre notre discussion à propoos de la sécurité des applications, nous allons nous immerger dans certaines des problématiques ...


Fallos de seguridad de WhatsApp: ¿sus mensajes “privados” son privados?

Fallos de seguridad de WhatsApp: ¿sus mensajes “privados” son realmente privados? WhatsApp es uno de los canales de mensajería instantánea más grandes, y muchos la consideran una red social en sí misma. Por lo tanto, para continuar analizando la seguridad en las aplicaciones, nos centramos en algunos de los principales ...


WhatsApp: Sind Ihre “privaten” Nachrichten tatsächlich privat?

WhatsApp-Sicherheits-Hacks: Sind Ihre “privaten” Nachrichten tatsächlich privat? WhatsApp ist einer der größten Instant-Messaging-Dienste und von vielen als ein eigenes soziales Netzwerk angesehen. Indem wir unsere Debatte hinsichtlich der Sicherheit von Apps vertiefen, setzen wir uns jetzt etwas intensiver mit einigen der größten Sicherheits-Hacks und den Fragen auseinander, die viele WhatsApp-Benutzer ...

Family Safety

Keeping Virtual Play Dates, Hang Outs, and Video Chats Safe for Everyone

Every day we discover (or stumble over) new ways of coping and connecting during this unique chapter in family life. Still, as every age group under your roof finds their favorite virtual play date and hangout apps, parents may need to add a few safety rails to make sure the ...

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