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Author, McAfee Consumer

Toni Birdsong began her career as a reporter in Los Angeles and later became a writer for Walt Disney Imagineering. Her passion for digital safety started 10 years ago as a way to gain the survival skills she needed to parent her own connected teenagers. Her goal with each post is to give busy parents the insight they need raise wiser, more compassionate digital kids. When she’s not writing (her first love), you can find Toni hiking, watching TikTok, or trying not to break an important body part at CrossFit.

Articles by Author

Privacy & Identity Protection
Are You Getting Caught by Click Bait?
It all feels so harmless. Who isn’t even alittle curious which celebrity is their look-a-like or what...
Family Safety
Deadly Digital Dares: The Blackout Challenge on TikTok
At least eight children have died allegedly because of the blackout challenge on TikTok which encourages people...
Family Safety
Kicking Off a New School Year with New Online Habits
It’s a new school year and an excellent time for you and your family to work together...
Family Safety
Back-to-School: Balancing Social Media & Mental Health
Every new school year brings challenges but none as critical as the mental health challenges our kids...
Family Safety
8 Signs It May Be Time for Parental Controls
Parental controls are tools that allow parents to set controls on their children’s internet use. Controls include...
Family Safety
5 Ways to Reset Your Family’s Digital Habits this Summer
There’s no doubt you’ve established great digital ground rules that worked well during quarantine. However, as we...
Family Safety
More Apps for Younger Users Emerging. Here’s What Parents Need to Know.
More and more social platforms are coming up with safer ways for younger kids to access their...
Family Safety
Sextortion: What Your Kids Need to Know
Sextortion that targets children online is a growing threat to families. Here are ways to talk about...
Family Safety
Setting Up Parental Controls in TikTok, Instagram & Snapchat
Doing all you can to keep your kids safe online feels like an overwhelming task until you...
Family Safety
Kids & Cash Apps: What Parents Need to Know
Cash apps are here to stay, and your kids are likely happily using one of them. Here's...
Tips & Tricks
6 Tips to Help Your Balance Your Children’s Summer Screentime
Summer months can be both busy and boring if you are a child. How can you keep...
Privacy & Identity Protection
Seniors: How to Keep Your Retirement Safe from Online Scams
Online scams that targets senior adults is skyrocketing. Here’s how senior adults (and those who love them)...
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