Vishnu Varadaraj

Senior Director, McAfee Consumer Engineering

Vishnu Varadaraj leads product development in the areas of mobile & desktop security services, identity platform and mobile threat research. Vishnu brings more than two decades of experience in building products for consumer markets with a focus on innovation & customer experience. Outside of work Vishnu enjoys swimming, snowboarding, kayaking, etc. depending on the weather.

Articles by Author

Internet Security
5 Things About Doxing You Should Know
Have you ever said something you wish you could take back? Maybe it was a comment muttered...
Internet Security
What Is a Crypto Wallet and How to Keep Your Wallet Secure?
Whether you’re already in the cryptocurrency game or are thinking about taking the plunge, here’s what you...
Internet Security
Latest Crypto Vulnerability Leaks $320 Million: 3 Tips to Boost Your Crypto Confidence
As the intrigue and interaction with crypto grows, cybercriminals are finding new ways to exploit the system....
Internet Security
How to Secure Your Digital Wallet
Before you ditch your physical wallet for a digital one, make sure you follow these digital wallet...
Internet Security
How iOS Malware May Snoop on Our Devices
Smartphones have become such an integral part of our lives that it’s hard to imagine a time...
Security News
6 Tips to Protect Yourself From Holiday Shopping Scammers
According to Bleeping Computer, the FBI recently warned that online shoppers are at risk of losing more...
Internet Security
What is the Dark Web? Everything You Need to Know
Data breaches happen all the time, but many consumers don’t realize the implications of these breaches on...
Mobile Security
What Is SIM Swapping? 3 Ways to Protect Your Smartphone
This article will be an informational piece on everything consumers need to know about SIM swapping: what...
Mobile Security
Squid Game App or Mobile Malware in Disguise?
According to the New York Post, malicious apps based on Netflix’s hit show Squid Game was recently...
Privacy & Identity Protection
How Fraudsters Are Fooling Users With This Proof of Vaccination Phishing Scam
According to the Washington Post, pandemic-related email scams are on the rise, especially with the delta variant surging....
Privacy & Identity Protection
Chipotle’s Marketing Account Hacked: Protect Yourself From Phishing Lures
According to Bleeping Computer, Chipotle’s email vendor Mailgun was recently breached, which allowed hackers to take over...
Privacy & Identity Protection
3 Tips to Protect Yourself From XLoader Malware
Originally written to infect Windows devices, XLoader is a widespread and inexpensive form of malware that cybercriminals are rewriting...
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