Vishnu Varadaraj currently serves as the Senior Director of Engineering Consumer Division at McAfee. In this role, Vishnu leads product development in the areas of mobile & desktop security services, identity platform and mobile threat research.

Vishnu brings more than two decades of experience in building products for consumer markets with a focus on innovation & customer experience. Vishnu is passionate about building high performing teams and using customer focused innovation to solve real world problems. Outside of work Vishnu enjoys swimming, snowboarding, kayaking etc. depending on the weather.

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Consumer Threat Notices

Myth-busting Antivirus Software Assumptions

Myth-busting Antivirus Assumptions The number of new viruses grows every day. In fact, McAfee recently registered a 605% increase in total Q2 COVID-19 themed threat detections, contributing to the millions already in existence. While there is no way to know when or how cyberattacks will occur, it’s clear that antivirus software is ...

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