Vishnu Varadaraj

Senior Director, McAfee Consumer Engineering

Vishnu Varadaraj leads product development in the areas of mobile & desktop security services, identity platform and mobile threat research. Vishnu brings more than two decades of experience in building products for consumer markets with a focus on innovation & customer experience. Outside of work Vishnu enjoys swimming, snowboarding, kayaking, etc. depending on the weather.

Articles by Author

Privacy & Identity Protection
How Fraudsters Are Fooling Users With This Proof of Vaccination Phishing Scam
According to the Washington Post, pandemic-related email scams are on the rise, especially with the delta variant surging....
Privacy & Identity Protection
Chipotle’s Marketing Account Hacked: Protect Yourself From Phishing Lures
According to Bleeping Computer, Chipotle’s email vendor Mailgun was recently breached, which allowed hackers to take over...
Privacy & Identity Protection
3 Tips to Protect Yourself From XLoader Malware
Originally written to infect Windows devices, XLoader is a widespread and inexpensive form of malware that cybercriminals are rewriting...
Tips & Tricks
Hybrid Workplace Vulnerabilities: 4 Ways to Promote Online Safety
Office workers are gearing up for a new workplace arrangement: the hybrid workplace. As offices reopen and...
Mobile Security
The Future of Mobile in a Post-COVID World & How to Stay Secure
COVID-19 forever changed our relationships with our digital devices. By relying on our phones and computers to...
Privacy & Identity Protection
5 Ransomware Threats Canadians Need to Know
More online users around the world are affected by ransomware due to ever-increasing online activity and the...
Privacy & Identity Protection
Do the Benefits of Bitcoin Outweigh the Risks?
Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are the future of tomorrow’s digital payment system—or are they? The same benefits that...
Internet Security
The Rise of the Dark Web Gig Economy
Get to know what types of cybercriminal services are bought and sold on the dark web, why...
Mobile Security
Apple Users: This macOS Malware Could Be Spying on You
According to TechCrunch, a new malware called XCSSET was found exploiting a vulnerability that allowed it access...
Privacy & Identity Protection
The What, Why, and How of AI and Threat Detection
The nature of online threats is ever-changing, making it difficult for antiquated threat detection systems to monitor...
Tips & Tricks
Keep the Change: 3 Tips for Using the Twitter Tip Jar
Twitter Tip Jar has triggered multiple privacy concerns, including the exposure of the user’s PayPal shipping address...
Privacy & Identity Protection
Less Is More: Why One Antivirus Software Is All You Need
Increasing your personal device’s security detail with more than one guard, or antivirus software, is actually less...
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