Vishnu Varadaraj

Senior Director, McAfee Consumer Engineering

Vishnu Varadaraj leads product development in the areas of mobile & desktop security services, identity platform and mobile threat research. Vishnu brings more than two decades of experience in building products for consumer markets with a focus on innovation & customer experience. Outside of work Vishnu enjoys swimming, snowboarding, kayaking, etc. depending on the weather.

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Tips & Tricks
3 Tips to a Holistic Online Security Approach
Cybersecurity is often used as a blanket term to address online safety. Cybersecurity can refer to the...
Mobile Security
How to Remain Secure While Using Running Apps
Running apps learn a lot about you the more you use them by gathering health data like...
Mobile Security
Beware of BRATA: How to Avoid Android Malware Attack
One evolving mobile device threat that combines malware and social engineering tactics is called BRATA. BRATA has...
Tips & Tricks
Why Coin Miners Go Bad & How to Protect Your Tech When They Do
Bitcoin’s meteoric rise in value is making coin mining an appealing hobby or even a whole new...
Privacy & Identity Protection
Myth-busting Antivirus Software Assumptions
Despite antivirus software’s ability to keep you safe, there’s speculation surrounding the effectiveness of antivirus. To set the record straight,...
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