Lee Munson

Lee Munson is a technical writer on the Advanced Threat Research team. He has blogged extensively on a wide range of topics, especially information security training and awareness. He lives in London.

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Petko Stoyanov

Petko Stoyanov is a Chief Technical Strategist for McAfee Public Sector, advising government leaders on how to utilize security as an enabler in their agencies and organizations to address the evolving threat landscape. Before joining McAfee, Petko spent 20 years in consulting and principal advisory roles across the military and intelligence community advising senior government ...

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Rajiv Gupta

Senior Vice President, Cloud Security Business Unit Rajiv Gupta is senior vice president of the cloud security business unit at McAfee. Rajiv joined McAfee in January 2018 with the acquisition of Skyhigh Networks, the leading cloud access security broker (CASB) company where he was the founder and CEO. Gupta has more than 20 years of ...

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