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Internet Security
Ransomware Attacks: Cybercriminals Pinpointing Healthcare Organizations
Malicious groups have increased their targeting of hospitals and healthcare entities to take advantage of deepening resource...
McAfee News
ST07: Protecting IP in Healthcare with Andrew Lancashire and Sumit Sehgal
For episode seven, we have returning guest, Andrew Lancashire, joined by Chief Healthcare Technical Strategist, Sumit Sehgal,...
Internet Security
Can All-in-One Printers Be Hacked? “Hackable?” Sets the Fax Straight
The heyday of fax technology may have been in the 80s, but all-in-one printers found throughout homes...
Privacy & Identity Protection
4 Tips to Protect Your Information During Medical Data Breaches
As the companies we trust with our data become more digital, it’s important for users to realize how this affects...
Family Safety
How to Safeguard Your Family Against A Medical Data Breach
Medical breaches are on the rise and hackers are targeting consumer data like never before. Here are some wise steps...
Family Safety
What Parents Need to Know About Virtual & Augmented Reality 
What’s the buzz all about Virtual and Augmented Reality and what exactly do parents need to know about these mind-bending...
Internet Security
Ghouls of the Internet: Protecting Your Family from Scareware and Ransomware
Seasonally, it's a spooky time of year but our digital realities can sometimes be even more frightening. Scareware or ransomware...
Internet Security
Ransomware Hits Health Care Once Again, 45,000 Patient Records Compromised in Blue Springs Breach
More and more, ransomware attacks are targeting one specific industry – health care. As detailed in our McAfee Labs Threats...
Internet Security
How McAfee Embedded Security Helps Medical Device Manufacturers
The blog was written by Tom Moore. Like other Internet of Things (IoT) devices, medical equipment is...
Mobile Security
The ‘Beginners Guide To IoT’
This blog post was written by Nick Viney. You’ve probably heard the term ‘smart’ being placed in...
Internet Security
What Is Ransomware and Who Does It Target?
Lockouts—they happen. We forget our keys, we can’t remember our passwords—and sometimes, someone else locks us out....
Privacy & Identity Protection
Phishing for W-2s: Keeping Your Financial Data Safe During Tax Season
Ready or not, here comes tax season.  And as you’re getting your ducks in a row, prepping...
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