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McAfee Labs
Rise in Deceptive PDF: The Gateway to Malicious Payloads
Authored by Yashvi Shah and Preksha Saxena McAfee Labs has recently observed a significant surge in the...
Internet Security
Hybrid Workplace Vulnerabilities: 4 Ways to Promote Online Safety
Office workers are gearing up for a new workplace arrangement: the hybrid workplace. As offices reopen and...
McAfee Labs
GUloader Unmasked: Decrypting the Threat of Malicious SVG Files
Authored by: Vignesh Dhatchanamoorthy In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats, staying ahead of malicious actors requires...
McAfee News
Get Yourself AI-powered Scam Protection That Spots and Block Scams in Real Time
The tables have turned. Now you can use AI to spot and block scam texts before they...
Internet Security
What is Sora and What Does It Mean for Your Personal Internet Security?
Imagine a tool that can transform text into captivating videos, bridging the gap between imagination and reality...
Internet Security
Introducing Social Privacy Manager
If you’re concerned about your privacy on social media, you have plenty of company. Here’s something else...
McAfee News
McAfee Joins Tech Accord to Combat Use of AI in 2024 Elections
This year marks the world’s biggest election year yet. An estimated four billion voters will head to...
Mobile Security
Help! I Think My Phone’s Been Hacked
It’s often pretty easy to tell when a piece of your tech isn’t working quite right. The...
Privacy & Identity Protection
What is a VPN? How It Can Make Your Time Online More Private and Secure.
What is a VPN (virtual private network)? And how can it make your time online more secure—and...
Privacy & Identity Protection
Plenty of Phish in the Sea—Your Guide to Spotting Phishing Emails and Scams
There are plenty of phish in the sea.  Millions of bogus phishing emails land in millions of...
Privacy & Identity Protection
Online Banking—Simple Steps to Protect Yourself from Bank Fraud
More and more transactions occur over the internet rather than at a teller’s window, and nearly every...
Privacy & Identity Protection
5 Ways to Protect Your Online Privacy
From the moment we open our browsers, our personal data privacy is put into question as a...
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