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Family Safety
McAfee+ Family Plans: The Right Protection for the Right People—Your People
Knowing the whole family is protected online is a great feeling—that they’re safe from online scams, inappropriate...
Privacy & Identity Protection
A Scam in the Family—How a Close Relative Lost $100,000 to an Elder Scam
Written by James Schmidt  Editor’s Note: We often speak of online scams in our blogs, ones that...
Internet Security
Your Data—It’s the Story of You
All your online activity creates a trail of data. And that data tells a story. The story...
Internet Security
ChatGPT: A Scammer’s Newest Tool
ChatGPT: Everyone’s favorite chatbot/writer’s-block buster/ridiculous short story creator is skyrocketing in fame. 1 In fact, the AI-generated...
McAfee Labs
The Rise and Risks of AI Art Apps
Authored by Fernando Ruiz The popularity of AI-based mobile applications that can create artistic images based on...
Internet Security
Can Apple Macs get Viruses?
It’s a long-standing question. Can Apple Macs get viruses? While Apple does go to great lengths to...
Tips & Tricks
What Should You Do if Your Identity Has Been Stolen?
It’s been like this from the start—wherever people shop, do business, or simply gather together, you’ll find...
Security News
The PayPal Breach – Who Was Affected and How You Can Protect Yourself
PayPal recently notified thousands of its customers that their accounts were breached by hackers, leaving their Social...
Mobile Security
Protecting the Universal Remote Control of Your Life—Your Smartphone
Aside from using it for calls and texting, we use our smartphones for plenty of things. We’re...
Privacy & Identity Protection
3 Tools to Round Out Your Privacy Protection Toolbox
It’s common practice to pull down the window shades at night. Homeowners invest in high fences. You...
Privacy & Identity Protection
The Big Difference Between Online Protection Software and Antivirus
Authored by Dennis Pang  Online protection software. Antivirus. The two words get used interchangeably often enough. But...
Privacy & Identity Protection
How to Protect Your Social Media Accounts
Now’s a fine time to give your social media settings and habits a closer look, all so...
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