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Family Safety
Cyberbullying: Words do Hurt When it Comes to Social Media
Cyberbullying continues to rise and can cause emotional and health issues for kids. Here’s how you can...
McAfee News
McAfee Wins Product of the Year for Best Online Protection
You can feel even more confident that you’ll enjoy life online with us at your side. AV-Comparatives...
McAfee News
Today’s Trends: Consumers Prioritize Protection Over Convenience
People have made it clear. They’re feeling more exposed to online threats and want stronger protection. And...
McAfee News
Welcome McAfee Forward—the Future of Online Protection Today
With digital life-changing so rapidly, it’s time for a new way to protect it. Welcome to McAfee...
Family Safety
Helping Older Adults Build Strong Digital Literacy Skills
The speed at which technology advances can easily overwhelm older adults. Here’s how to help the older...
Privacy & Identity Protection
9 Ways to Determine If Your Identity Has Been Stolen
Recognizing identity fraud allows you to take fast action to minimize damages. Find out how to determine...
Privacy & Identity Protection
How to protect yourself from identity theft after a data breach
You read the headline in the news or receive an email from a company you do business...
Privacy & Identity Protection
10 Ways to Protect Your Identity
Identity theft is a growing concern and can cause serious problems. Learn how to protect your identity...
Privacy & Identity Protection
5 Common Types of Identity Theft
Identity theft can cause financial losses and damage your credit score. Learn about the types of identity...
Family Safety
So, Your Kids Have Left School. Do You Still Need To Worry About Their Online Safety?
Tips to Your Child’s Online Safety After Graduation
McAfee Labs
Hancitor, a loader that provides Malware as a Service, has been observed distributing malware such as FickerStealer,...
Mobile Security
How To Tell If Your Smartphone Has Been Hacked
Something’s not right. Maybe your phone is losing its charge way too quickly. Or one day it...
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