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Privacy & Identity Protection
Affected by a Data Breach? Here Are Security Steps You Should Take
You read the headline in the news or receive an email from a company you do business...
Privacy & Identity Protection
How Fraudsters Are Fooling Users With This Proof of Vaccination Phishing Scam
According to the Washington Post, pandemic-related email scams are on the rise, especially with the delta variant surging....
Family Safety
Can Your Wearable Health Monitors Be Compromised?
Wearable devices empower senior adults, giving them more independence over their health and physical safety. But how...
Mobile Security
6 Tips for a Safer and Easier Telemedicine Visit
If your health care provider recommends a telemedicine visit for you or your child, it can be...
Mobile Security
7 Savvy Ways Senior Adults Can Safeguard Digital Privacy
As a senior adult in a hyper-connected world, keeping your privacy safeguarded isn’t easy but it is...
Mobile Security
How to Make Telehealth Safer for a More Convenient Life Online
Adoption of Telehealth services saw a significant rise during the pandemic. Breaches targeting health data rose in...
Family Safety
Homes, Not Just Devices: The New Consumer Cybersecurity
Over the last year, our relationship with digital technology has changed completely, and probably irrevocably. The pandemic...
Family Safety
A Safer Internet for You, Your Family, and Others Too
With so many of us relying on the internet in ways we simply haven’t before, it follows...
Mobile Security
How to Safely Incorporate IoT Into Your Fitness Routine
With the lack of or limited availability of in-person exercise classes as a result of the pandemic,...
Internet Security
Prioritizing Security in a Remote Learning Environment 
Prioritizing Security in a Remote Learning Environment  Learning environments are not what they used to be, and...
Internet Security
Protect Your Digital Wellness: Don’t Post Your Vaccination Card Online
After much anticipation, you finally get a notification that you’re eligible to receive your COVID-19 vaccine. Upon getting your first...
Mobile Security
Check up on Your Virtual Safety: Tips for Telehealth Protection
Check up on Your Virtual Safety: Tips for Telehealth Protection In a poll conducted by the Canadian...
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