Alex Merton-McCann

McAfee’s Cybermum in Australia, Alex, is a mother of four boys aged 13 to 20, who juggles family, work, home life, sporting commitments, hobbies and her children’s ever growing social lives (on and offline). Like many Australian parents, Alex has concerns about the safety of her children, who are growing up in an increasingly online world. Alex’s blogs will be about internet safety issues and sharing her own experiences, insights and lessons to help keep kids and families safe online. To learn more about Alex and McAfee’s Family Internet Safety Centre, go to, follow Alex on Twitter @Cybermum_AU or email Alex at

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Family Safety

Netiquette – Teaching Your Kids Online Manners

‘Chew with your mouth closed’ ‘Say please and thank you’ ‘Don’t interrupt – wait your turn to speak’ How many times have you issued those commands? Me – thousands! Teaching our kids manners and safety is something many parents just do automatically. We provide the hot tips as we go ...

Family Safety

Why Your Kids Can’t Join Facebook Until They Are 13

Have you ever wondered why it is that your kids can’t join social media sites like Facebook until they are 13 years of age? Perhaps you thought that it is the social media sites ‘looking out’ for the interests of our children. I know I did a few years back. ...

Family Safety

Kik – The App of the Moment

If you have tweens or teens living in your household then I am quite sure you would have heard about Kik. Kik is clearly the ‘app of the moment’. In fact, if I was a betting woman, I would predict that Kik’s moment may last for a good while. In ...

Family Safety

Cyber Pranks – Funny or Mean??

We all know that kids love to play pranks – it is just part of childhood. Whether it is whoopee cushions, switching the salt and the sugar or good old plastic spiders, harmless pranks can be fun and actually a good way of teaching kids resilience. But unfortunately, when kids ...

Family Safety

Cybercasing – How Sharing Your Pics, Videos and Status Updates Can Get You Into Trouble

It can be fun ‘checking in’ at your favourite restaurant on Facebook, sharing pics of your hotel room on Instagram or buying and selling items on eBay. In fact – it can give you quite a buzz. But did you know that ‘geotagging’ (sharing your location via your pics or ...

Family Safety

Getting Down With The Kids – Internet Slang for Dummies!

Whenever my boys come home with a new buzz word or saying, I instantly feel like a dinosaur. Whether it is ‘noob’ or ‘epic fail’ (all said with a huge dose of attitude!) the linguistic chasm between us just seems to get wider. But when it comes to kids’ online ...

Family Safety

Online Shopping – How To Avoid The Bad So You Can Enjoy The Good!

There is a very big part of me that truly believes online shopping was created in heaven for busy parents. I mean, what is not to love? No carpark wars, ridiculous register queues or sweaty scrambles to secure that ‘must have’ Xbox game. It really is the best Christmas present ...

Family Safety

How To Prevent Your Emails Being Hacked

I have a fabulous friend called Rebecca*. Not only is she smart and clever but she is all class. Now, I had thought that I knew this friend particularly well but when I started receiving emails from her regarding a certain part of the male body that could be enlarged ...

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