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McAfee Labs
Phishing Campaigns featuring Ursnif Trojan on the Rise
Authored by Jyothi Naveen and Kiran Raj McAfee Labs have been observing a spike in phishing campaigns...
McAfee Labs
Scammers are Exploiting Ukraine Donations
Authored by Vallabh Chole and Oliver Devane Scammers are very quick at reacting to current events, so...
McAfee Labs
Imposter Netflix Chrome Extension Dupes 100k Users
Authored by Oliver Devane, Vallabh Chole, and Aayush Tyagi  McAfee has recently observed several malicious Chrome Extensions...
McAfee Labs
Why Am I Getting All These Notifications on my Phone?
Authored by Oliver Devane and Vallabh Chole   Notifications on Chrome and Edge, both desktop browsers, are commonplace,...
McAfee Labs
Emotet’s Uncommon Approach of Masking IP Addresses
In a recent campaign of Emotet, McAfee Researchers observed a change in techniques. The Emotet maldoc was...
McAfee Labs
Hancitor, a loader that provides Malware as a Service, has been observed distributing malware such as FickerStealer,...
McAfee Labs
The Newest Malicious Actor: “Squirrelwaffle” Malicious Doc.
Authored By Kiran Raj Due to their widespread use, Office Documents are commonly used by Malicious actors...
McAfee Labs
Social Network Account Stealers Hidden in Android Gaming Hacking Tool
Authored by: Wenfeng Yu McAfee Mobile Research team recently discovered a new piece of malware that specifically...
McAfee Labs
Malicious PowerPoint Documents on the Rise
Authored by Anuradha M McAfee Labs have observed a new phishing campaign that utilizes macro capabilities available...
McAfee Labs
Android malware distributed in Mexico uses Covid-19 to steal financial credentials
Authored by Fernando Ruiz McAfee Mobile Malware Research Team has identified malware targeting Mexico. It poses as a security banking tool or...
McAfee Labs
Phishing Android Malware Targets Taxpayers in India
Authored by ChanUng Pak   McAfee’s Mobile Research team recently found a new Android malware, Elibomi, targeting taxpayers in India. The malware steals sensitive financial and private information via...
McAfee Labs
The Rise of Deep Learning for Detection and Classification of Malware
Co-written by Catherine Huang, Ph.D. and Abhishek Karnik  Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to evolve and has made huge progress over the last decade. AI shapes our daily lives. Deep...
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