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GUloader Unmasked: Decrypting the Threat of Malicious SVG Files
Authored by: Vignesh Dhatchanamoorthy In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats, staying ahead of malicious actors requires...
McAfee Labs
MoqHao evolution: New variants start automatically right after installation
Authored by Dexter Shin  MoqHao is a well-known Android malware family associated with the Roaming Mantis threat...
McAfee Labs
From Email to RAT: Deciphering a VB Script-Driven Campaign
Authored by Preksha Saxena and Yashvi Shah McAfee Labs has been tracking a sophisticated VBS campaign characterized...
McAfee Labs
Stealth Backdoor “Android/Xamalicious” Actively Infecting Devices
Authored by Fernando Ruiz  McAfee Mobile Research Team identified an Android backdoor implemented with Xamarin, an open-source...
McAfee Labs
Shielding Against Android Phishing in Indian Banking
Authored by Neil Tyagi and Fernando Ruiz In a digitally evolving world, the convenience of banking through...
McAfee Labs
PDF Phishing: Beyond the Bait
By Lakshya Mathur & Yashvi Shah  Phishing attackers aim to deceive individuals into revealing sensitive information for...
McAfee Labs
Beneath the Surface: How Hackers Turn NetSupport Against Users
NetSupport malware variants have been a persistent threat, demonstrating adaptability and evolving infection techniques. In this technical...
McAfee Labs
Fake Android and iOS apps steal SMS and contacts in South Korea
Authored by Dexter Shin Most people have smartphones these days which can be used to easily search...
McAfee Labs
Unmasking AsyncRAT New Infection Chain
Authored by Lakshya Mathur & Vignesh Dhatchanamoorthy AsyncRAT, short for “Asynchronous Remote Access Trojan,” is a sophisticated...
McAfee Labs
Exploring Winrar Vulnerability (CVE-2023-38831)
Authored by Neil Tyagi On 23 August 2023, NIST disclosed a critical RCE vulnerability CVE-2023-38831. It is...
McAfee Labs
Agent Tesla’s Unique Approach: VBS and Steganography for Delivery and Intrusion
Authored by Yashvi Shah Agent Tesla functions as a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) and an information stealer...
McAfee Labs
Peeling Back the Layers of RemcosRat Malware
Authored by Preksha Saxena McAfee labs observed a Remcos RAT campaign where malicious VBS files were delivered...
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