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Despite Decline in Use of Adobe Flash, Vulnerabilities Will Continue to Cause Concern

This post was researched and written by Brook Schoenfield with the assistance of Tim Hux, Abhishek Karnik, Asheer Malhotra, and Steve Povolny McAfee Advanced Threat Research team analysts have studied Adobe Flash Player for years because it is a popular target for attacks. As always, we advise customers to remain ...

McAfee Labs

‘McAfee Labs 2018 Threats Predictions Report’ Previews Five Cybersecurity Trends

Welcome to the McAfee Labs 2018 Threats Predictions Report. We find ourselves in a highly volatile stage of cybersecurity, with new devices, new risks, and new threats appearing every day. In this edition, we have polled thought leaders from McAfee Labs and the Office of the CTO. They offer their ...

McAfee Labs

Should I Worry About AVGater, Which Exploits Some Security Products?

This blog was written by Brook Schoenfield. On November 10, a researcher reported the vulnerability AVGater, which affects some antimalware products. The vulnerability allows a user without administrative privileges to restore a quarantined file in a user’s defined location. After internal reviews and with confirmation from the author of the ...

McAfee Labs

Don’t Substitute CVSS for Risk: Scoring System Inflates Importance of CVE-2017-3735

This blog was co-written by Brook Schoenfield and Damian Quiroga. I am a wry observer of vulnerability announcements. CVE-2017-3735—which can allow a small buffer overread in an X.509 certificate—presents an excellent example of the limitations of the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS). This scoring system is the de facto security ...

McAfee Labs

Self-Signed Certificates Can Be Secure, So Why Ban Them?

This blog was co-written by Brook Schoenfield and Ramnath Venugopalan. In many organizations the use of self-signed certificates is forbidden by policy. Organizations may ban the use of self-signed certificates for several reasons: It is trivially easy to generate a certificate’s key pair without reasonable entropy, to fail protect the ...

Enterprise McAfee Labs

KRACKs Against Wi-Fi Serious But Not End of the World

This blog was written by Brook Schoenfield. On October 12, researcher Mathy Vanhoef announced a set of Wi-Fi attacks that he named KRACKs, for key reinstallation attacks. These attack scenarios are against the WPA2 authentication and encryption key establishment portions of the most recent set of protocols. The technique is ...

McAfee Labs

Linux Kernel Vulnerability Can Lead to Privilege Escalation: Analyzing CVE-2017-1000112

This blog was written by Krishs Patil. A memory corruption bug in UDP fragmentation offload (UFO) code inside the Linux kernel can lead to local privilege escalation. In this post we will examine this vulnerability and its accompanying exploit. Although this bug affects both IPv4 and IPv6 code paths, we ...

McAfee Labs

McAfee Labs: Faceliker Surge Manipulates Facebook “Likes” to Promote News, Other Content

Criminals excel in manipulating the trust within human relationships, particularly as individuals project themselves into digital realms such as social media. We see it in phishing messages, which fool us into clicking on a malicious weblink from what appears to be a benign organization with which we do business. We ...

Enterprise Cloud Security

McAfee Demos Ease of Exploiting Recent Apache Struts Vulnerability

This post was written by Brook Schoenfield and the Advanced Threat Research Team. A series of exploitable conditions have been uncovered in Apache Struts. One of these, CVE-2017-9805, allows unauthenticated execution of attacker code (aka remote code execution). This issue has already been weaponized into attack kits such as Metasploit ...

Life at McAfee

Everyday Hero: 5 Questions with McAfee Labs’ Paula Greve

iWith cybersecurity experts taking center stage this week at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, the world is watching for the release of the latest breakthrough research, development, and trends. Paula Greve, a principal engineer leading the data science team within McAfee Labs, is on the front lines of ...

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