Toni Birdsong is a Family Safety Evangelist for McAfee. She is an author, speaker, and cyber savvy mom of two teenagers (much to their dismay). As a family safety evangelist for McAfee, she focuses on online safety and often speaks to educators, parents, and teens about dodging the dangers online. She is the co-owner of Birdsong Creative, a Nashville-based web design company, where she specializes in social media and brand strategy.

Her writing background includes a journalism career in Los Angeles where she specialized in technology, business and politics. Toni also spent nearly a decade as a Sr. Communication Specialist for The Walt Disney Company writing extensively about the people and the technology behind the magic. She is an Apple products fanatic, mobile app addict, and when she’s not blogging or reading Mashable, you will find her unapologetically stalking her kids online.

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Family Safety

7 Things Parents Need to Know About the Voxer Voice App

Every five minutes, it seems, a new app comes out but only a handful stick with tweens and teens looking to connect in fun ways to friends online. When those apps make the “fun cut,” and rise to popularity it isn’t long before unwise users exploit them into cyber bullying ...

Family Safety

Why Parents Should Care About SnapChat’s New ‘Stories’ Feature

SnapChat has literally reshaped the teen experience since its release two years ago. The app, which allows a user to send a photo that “vanishes” in up to ten seconds, has spread like wildfire among teens. It didn’t take long for the app to become known as a “sexting” app ...

Family Safety

5 Cyber Safety Lifehacks for Families (5 Minutes or Less)

Raising a child to be a digitally discerning adult—while trying to slay our own online dragons—seems to take more hours than many parents have in any given day. That’s the beauty of Lifehacks—those lovely how-to shortcuts that seem to make most everything in our abbreviated, click-happy world seem, well, almost ...

Family Safety

Why You Need to Teach Your Kids to be Careful What They Search For Online

With information and video access at their fingertips most teens spend a crazy amount of time online looking for the latest gossip, hairstyles, and fashion trends surrounding celebrities. (Yes, it’s true: Internet searches for a certain “twerking” female singer outranked web searches for Syria last week six to one). That ...

Family Safety

SnapChat-Like Apps Hide Content on Twitter, Facebook

Just when parents figured out SnapChat, an app that makes photo texts disappear, two new apps hit the social scene that achieve the same objective on both Twitter and Facebook. Twitterspirit allows a Twitter user to set a time limit for a tweet before it “self-destructs” in their feed. By using ...

Family Safety

New Apps Make It Easy to Save SnapChats

The SnapChat smart phone app is one of the newest crazes for teens because it allows a user to send what they believe to be a very private and very temporary photo to another user (and if you use it just for fun with friends, it can be a blast). Because ...

Family Safety

1-2-3: How to take a screen shot on your computer or mobile phone

There are some simple moves online that can save you an enormous amount of time. And when it comes to reporting abuses online nothing comes in handier than a screen shot, which is simply a photo file image of what’s in front of you on your computer screen or mobile ...

Family Safety

How to Turn Off GPS on Your Child’s Phone

Mobile phone technology is amazing isn’t it? It’s so amazing it can track your child’s location (hey, they are called ‘smart phones’ for a reason). In fact, your family is likely uploading dozens of photos a week and inadvertently broadcasting your exact whereabouts. Both safety and privacy is put at ...

Family Safety

5 Ways to Safeguard Your Child’s Instagram Bio

It’s a small loophole but one that definitely poses a threat to your child’s online safety. While your child is able set her Instagram account settings to private and only accept “followers” and “friends” she knows, her Instagram bio is still public by default and short of deleting it altogether, there’s ...

Family Safety

The Dilemma of Anonymity and Dangers of

Anonymity affords a precarious, irresistible power to teens online. is one app that’s exploding in popularity by allowing users to ask and answer questions to one another anonymously. While is used by many teens as a digital playground to flirt and just have fun (and confess crushes), the ...

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