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Toni Birdsong began her career as a reporter in Los Angeles and later became a writer for Walt Disney Imagineering. Her passion for digital safety started 10 years ago as a way to gain the survival skills she needed to parent her own connected teenagers. Her goal with each post is to give busy parents the insight they need raise wiser, more compassionate digital kids. When she’s not writing (her first love), you can find Toni hiking, watching TikTok, or trying not to break an important body part at CrossFit.

Articles by Author

Family Safety
Three Words Every Parent Needs to Know
  Have you noticed that commonplace words don’t quite mean what they used to? It’s a subtle...
Mobile Security
Do You Know the Legal Consequences of Sexting?
We recently visited a public school and spoke to a group of Junior High students ages 13-14...
Family Safety
Is the Twitter Video App ‘Vine’ Safe for Kids?
Twitter’s new video-sharing app Vine is the hottest mobile toy since Instagram—and to be honest—it’s even more...
Family Safety
Are Your Kids Using Vault Apps to Hide Photos, Chats, or Videos?
A number of apps for both the Android and iPhone exist that are great for storing your...
Family Safety
Three Signs Your Teen May Be Sexting and What to Do About It
I will be the first to confess that sometimes when I look at my kids, my eyes...
Family Safety
Parents in the Know: Staying on Top of the Slang, Pt. II
The task of parenting a digital native isn’t for the faint of heart. Not only are kids...
Family Safety
A Snapshot: How to Keep Your Kids Safe on Instagram
“Mom, how do you block people on Instagram? I can’t figure it out,” yelled 13-year old Chloe...
Family Safety
Know Where They Go: YouTube Basics for Parents
If you can hear your kids hysterically laughing in another room, chances are they—and their friends—are watching...
Family Safety
To Skype or Not to Skype: What Parents Need to Know About Video Chat
Captain Kirk isn’t the only one who gets to video chat these days. If your kids have...
Family Safety
How to Decode the Slang Your Teen Uses Online
No, you haven’t entered the Twilight Zone. The teen slang and texting acronyms really are changing that...
Family Safety
Picture to Pedophile: The Danger of Instagram and Kik Messenger
Sometimes it might feel overwhelming to keep up with the latest social trend for your kids, but...
Mobile Security
Mobile Flirting App “Skout” Was Used In 3 Rape Cases
3 minors and 3 men are the center of attention regarding 3 rape cases, the catch? A...
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