Consumer Mobile and IoT Security

How to Navigate this Connected World

This blog was written in collaboration with Kishore Jotwani, Sr. Director of Marketing & Business Development for Intel’s Wireless Consumer Infrastructure Platforms and Bill Zhou, VP of product management, ARRIS.  Doors locked, windows shut, and alarm set. I should be safe… right? The Internet of Things (IoT) is an ever-growing force ...


The ‘Beginners Guide To IoT’

This blog post was written by Nick Viney. You’ve probably heard the term ‘smart’ being placed in front of everyday objects such as watches, locks and even cars. Over the past couple of years, the term is being used more than ever as more devices become ‘smart’. These devices now ...


The Trends & Challenges Facing The Internet Of Things

This blog post was written by Nick Viney. The Internet of Things, or IoT, is now commonplace in society today. Since the term was first coined back in the 80’s, connected devices have changed our lives in ways many of us could only dream of. However, whilst the growth has ...

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