Arnab Roy is a Regional Solutions Architect and a cyber enthusiast to the core, discovering new industry trends and finding challenges and solutions to the next gen cyber problems is where my heart is. 12 years of IT ranging from software development to architecting & consulting for networking and cyber security solutions for business resilience.

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How A Device to Cloud Architecture Defends Against the SolarWinds Supply Chain Compromise

In a blog post released 13 Dec 2020, FireEye disclosed that threat actors compromised SolarWinds’s Orion IT monitoring and management software with a trojanized version of SoalrWinds.Orion.Core.BusinessLayer.dll delivered as part of a digitally-signed Windows Installer Patch. The trojanized file delivers a backdoor, dubbed SUNBURST by FireEye (and Solorigate by Microsoft), that ...


Establishing Security Maturity Through CIS Cyber Defense Framework

Introduction – Choosing the Right Security Controls Framework The cyber threat landscape is evolving at an astronomical rate; we are living in the age where the four key pillars of cybersecurity – Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability and Assurance of Information systems are no longer considered a nice to have but are ...

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