Arnie Lopez is the Vice President Worldwide Systems Engineering. Arnie is a 25-year veteran in Silicon Valley’s Technical Community with experience in Networking, Cloud and Security Solutions. Prior to McAfee he spent several years in Technology leadership roles with Informatica, Proofpoint, Cisco, PeopleSoft and Target Stores.

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Executive Perspectives

Stupid Is as Stupid Does: XDR Is About the Journey, Not the Destination

Music is lovely, isn’t it? It has the ability to brighten days with upbeat bars or provide a comfortable place of solace and reflection via gentle, soothing notes. Whether you typically opt for Black Sabbath, Shakira, or Bob Marley, music meets our ears in many different ways – and harmony ...

Executive Perspectives

AI Is Alive! But Not Without Our Help

“It’s alive! It’s alive!” Even if you haven’t seen the 1931 film Frankenstein, you are more than likely familiar with the story of the “monster” created by Victor Frankenstein. You may associate this cry from its titular character with the image of what Victor conjured finally opening its eyes and ...

Security Operations

Time to Get Proactive About Threat Hunting

When I think about the many challenges that threat hunters face nowadays, trust me when I say that I feel their pain. Early in my career, I was a Security Engineer in a SOC who scrambled into action upon receiving the proverbial midnight call about an incident.   The system I was part of wasn’t ...

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