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DHCP Client Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Demystified

CVE-2019-0547 CVE-2019-0547 was the first vulnerability patched by Microsoft this year. The dynamic link library, dhcpcore.dll, which is responsible for DHCP client services in a system, is vulnerable to malicious DHCP reply packets. This vulnerability allows remote code execution if the user tries to connect to a network with a ...

McAfee Labs

Analyzing CVE-2017-0190: WMF Flaws Can Lead to Data Theft, Code Execution

CVE-2017-0190 is a recently patched vulnerability related to Windows metafiles (WMFs), a portable image format mainly used by 16-bit Windows applications. Recently we have seen an increase in the number of vulnerabilities related to WMFs and EMFs (enhanced metafiles) in the GDI32 library. Most often, these vulnerabilities lead to sensitive ...

McAfee Labs

Vulnerable OpenSSL Handshake Renegotiation Can Trigger Denial of Service

OpenSSL, the popular general-purpose cryptographic library that implements SSL/TLS protocols for web authentication, has recently suffered from several vulnerabilities. We have written about “CVE-2017-3731: Truncated Packets Can Cause Denial of Service in OpenSSL” and “SSL Death Alert (CVE-2016-8610) Can Cause Denial of Service to OpenSSL Servers” among others. Today we ...

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