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McAfee Labs

DHCP Client Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Demystified

CVE-2019-0547 CVE-2019-0547 was the first vulnerability patched by Microsoft this year. The dynamic link library, dhcpcore.dll, which is responsible for...

McAfee Labs

Analyzing CVE-2017-0190: WMF Flaws Can Lead to Data Theft, Code Execution

CVE-2017-0190 is a recently patched vulnerability related to Windows metafiles (WMFs), a portable image format mainly used by 16-bit Windows...

McAfee Labs

Vulnerable OpenSSL Handshake Renegotiation Can Trigger Denial of Service

OpenSSL, the popular general-purpose cryptographic library that implements SSL/TLS protocols for web authentication, has recently suffered from several vulnerabilities. We...

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