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Carlos Castillo specializes in the analysis of mobile threats and Android malware. Castillo performs static and dynamic analysis of suspicious applications to support McAfee’s Mobile Security for Android product. He is the author of the McAfee-published white paper, "Android Malware Past, Present, and Future,” and wrote the “Hacking Android" section of the book, "Hacking Exposed 7: Network Security Secrets & Solutions.” As a recognized mobile malware researcher, Castillo has presented at several security industry events, including 8.8 Computer Security Conference and Segurinfo, a leading information security conference in South America.

Prior to his position at McAfee, Castillo performed security compliance audits for the Superintendencia Financiera of Colombia, and worked at security startup Easy Solutions Inc., where he conducted penetration tests on web applications, helped shut down phishing and malicious websites, supported security and network appliances, performed functional software testing, and assisted in research and development related to anti-electronic fraud. Castillo joined the world of malware research when he won ESET Latin America’s Best Antivirus Research contest with a paper titled, “Sexy View: The Beginning of Mobile Botnets.” Castillo holds a degree in systems engineering from the Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia.

Articles by Author

McAfee Labs
BRATA Keeps Sneaking into Google Play, Now Targeting USA and Spain
Recently, the McAfee Mobile Research Team uncovered several new variants of the Android malware family BRATA being...
McAfee Labs
Android/TimpDoor Turns Mobile Devices Into Hidden Proxies
The McAfee Mobile Research team recently found an active phishing campaign using text messages (SMS) that tricks...
McAfee Labs
AsiaHitGroup Gang Again Sneaks Billing-Fraud Apps Onto Google Play
The McAfee Mobile Research team has found a new billing-fraud campaign of at least 15 apps published...
McAfee Labs
New Android Malware Found in 144 GooglePlay Apps
McAfee’s Mobile Research team has found a new Android malware in 144 “Trojanized” applications on Google Play. We named this...
McAfee Labs
Smishing Campaign Steals Banking Credentials in U.S.
The McAfee Mobile Research team recently found an active smishing campaign, using SMS messages, that targets online...
McAfee Labs
Trojanized Photo App on Google Play Signs Up Users for Premium Services
Mobile apps usually have names that give some indication of their function. In one recent case, however,...
McAfee Labs
Android Banking Trojan Asks for Selfie With Your ID
In the first half of 2016 we noticed that Android banking Trojans had started to improve their phishing overlays...
McAfee Labs
Active iOS Smishing Campaign Stealing Apple Credentials
McAfee Mobile Research recently found an active phishing campaign targeting iOS users via SMS messages. The message tells...
McAfee Labs
Trojanized Pokémon GO Android App Found in the Wild
Pokémon GO is a new mobile game that allows fans to “catch” Pokemons in the real world...
McAfee Labs
Android Banking Trojan ‘SpyLocker’ Targets More Banks in Europe
Since the discovery of the Android banking Trojan SpyLocker, McAfee has closely monitored this threat. SpyLocker first...
McAfee Labs
Sex Sells: Looking at Android Adult Adware Apps
Advertising is one of the primary methods to generate money from mobile devices. Ads can be displayed...
McAfee Labs
Fake Android Update Delivers SMS, Click Fraud in Europe
McAfee Mobile Research has been monitoring a mobile malware campaign targeting users in Germany, France, and Russia...
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