Chintan Shah is currently working as a Security Researcher with McAfee Intrusion Prevention System team and holds broad experience in the network security industry. He primarily focuses on Exploit and vulnerability research, building Threat Intelligence frameworks, Reverse engineering techniques and malware analysis. Chintan had researched and uncovered multiple targeted and espionage attacks in the past blogging about them. His interests lies in software fuzzing for vulnerability discovery, analyzing exploits, malwares and translating to product improvement.

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McAfee Labs

VSkimmer Botnet Targets Credit Card Payment Terminals

April 2 This blog has been updated with McAfee’s NSP detection. See end of blog. While monitoring a Russian underground...

McAfee Labs

Narilam Trojan Targets Iranian Financial Software

Iranian infrastructure has been on the radar of cyberattackers for a couple of years. We have already witnessed organized and...

McAfee Labs

Zeus Crimeware Toolkit

The Zeus botnet has been in the wild since 2007 and it is among the top botnets active today. This...

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