Chris has over 15 years of experience in IT security & infrastructure, specializing in providing security awareness and solutions to protect businesses in the enterprise, commercial, healthcare and state/local government verticals. In the past 10 years with McAfee, Chris has primarily focused on security solutions for critical infrastructure in the energy sector, public/private and healthcare organizations. In Chris’ current role he specializes at security architecture in the datacenter, cloud and client compute environments. At McAfee, Chris has been a security advisor to various organizations providing strategic security solutions that reduces cost and overhead while driving up the security posture for his customers. Chris was McAfee’s 2009, 2010 Sales Engineer of the year for North America and 2012 SE Manager of the year for North America and 2013 Manager of the year and 2014 World Wide Director of the year. Chris is an active member of InfraGuard and the Houston Chapter of ISSA.

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Data Security

Data Privacy and Security Risks in Healthcare

Healthcare is a business much like all verticals I work with; however, it has a whole different set of concerns beyond those of traditional businesses. The compounding threats of malware, data thieves, supply chain issues, and the limited understanding of security within healthcare introduces astronomical risk. Walking through a hospital ...

Endpoint Security Security Operations

Super Hero like Speed on DXL

Superheroes are part of the lore of American culture — the thought of human-being acquiring superhuman power such as flight, invisibility, breathing underwater has always been intriguing to many.  The thought of speed and agility is one of those sets of powers that has caught a lot of attention — ...

Endpoint Security Security Operations

McAfee – Cybercrime is a firefight! Time for Automation.

Those who have experienced them know how scary their world becomes when a grass fire or forest fire gets out of control. As these fires become more intense, they create their own weather, generating their own winds, making them more difficult to fight and often moving far faster than firefighters ...

Endpoint Security

It starts with architecture – DXL enhances the approach

Today’s digital world is drastically different than it was 10 years ago.  It is arguably, drastically different than it was 1 year ago.  The migration from on premise solutions to cloud solutions, mobility, IoT, client computing have all evolved to name a few.  The numerous innovations are continually evolving. Those ...

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