Chris Hutchins is Managing Director for Public Policy EMEA for McAfee where he leads the company advocacy program with the EU institutions, other companies and trade associations and works to enhance our thought leadership at European level and to strengthen our reputation in the European capitals. He also works closely with the EMEA leadership team, to support our public sector growth in key European markets. Chris was previously at Liberty Global, where he was VP for Public Policy in Amsterdam and prior to that he headed up their Brussels public policy team responsible for directing their engagement with EU policy makers, regulators and industry stakeholders. He has a legal background and has degrees in Politics, EU competition law from King's College London, and an LLM in telecommunications and IT law from Strathclyde University. He has many years of experience in the digital sector and brings substantial experience in developing and implementing effective advocacy campaigns and engaging with government stakeholders to build growth and enhance reputation.

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Restricting Supplier Choice Isn’t an Option to Enhance Digital Sovereignty

Digital sovereignty and strategic autonomy are phrases that are used almost daily in EU policy circles, loosely framed around the EU’s ability to carve out its own future in the digital sphere, rather than having its terms dictated from abroad. To achieve digital sovereignty in practice, having access to as ...

Executive Perspectives

Defending Cybersecurity Can’t Be Done Blindfolded–The EU’s NIS2 Review Can Set This Right

Cybercriminals are currently enjoying a golden age, with the volume and severity of attacks growing constantly, and an ability to commit hostile acts with impunity. The EU, in its overhaul of cybersecurity laws dubbed NIS2, is committed to ensuring that what’s illegal offline should also be illegal online. For that ...

Executive Perspectives

Europe’s Quantum Story is Accelerating, and the World Will be Better for it

Quantum computing is the next frontier in computer science. It can bring untold benefits, allowing the development of new materials, tackling pandemics and making the world a greener, safer place. But it also threatens to break the encryption that keeps our data safe from prying eyes. France’s recent announcement to ...

Executive Perspectives

Cybersecurity through openness: creating the right company culture

Interoperability and openness are concepts that have a tendency to turn technical quickly. But for McAfee, it goes beyond software. To stay cybersecure, organisations need to build in openness in their company structures, ensuring that different departments, from engineering, to legal, HR and business development teams all work together to ...

Executive Perspectives

Digital Innovation Thrives in Open Pastures

Openness and interoperability are long standing buzzwords in the digital ecosystem, but it is not always clear what it means, and why it is important. For McAfee, embracing these notions is critical to our success, and here’s why. Openness means that we share information, and interoperability means that this information ...

Executive Perspectives

Opening up Europe’s Cyber Future

Europe will face a complex cocktail of cyber challenges in the coming five years, from safeguarding our critical infrastructure to protecting itself from election interference and disinformation whilst safeguarding citizen data privacy rights. A new set of leaders is preparing to take office in the European Commission’s headquarters in Brussels ...

Executive Perspectives

McAfee Playing an Ever Growing Role in Tackling Disinformation and Ensuring Election Security

As Europe heads to the polls this weekend (May 23-26) to Members of the European Parliament (“MEPs”) representing the 28 EU Member States, the threat of disinformation campaigns aimed at voters looms large in the minds of politicians. Malicious players have every reason to try to undermine trust in established politicians, and ...

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