Daniel Flaherty is a member of the product team for McAfee MVISION Cloud, our Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution, focused on developing educational and product-related content. He has been with McAfee since 2010.

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Cloud Security

MITRE ATT&CK for Cloud: Adoption and Value Study by UC Berkeley CLTC

Are you prepared to detect and defend against attacks that target your data in cloud services, or apps you’ve built that are hosted in the cloud?  Background  Nearly all enterprises and public sector customers we work with have enabled cloud use in their organization, with many seeing a 600%+ increase1 in use in the ...

Cloud Security

Working from Home in 2020: How Cloud Use Changed

2020 has been a tumultuous year, with health and economic stability shattered for most of the world in just months. For those in a fortunate position to do so, working from home has become the new norm, and will likely be for the foreseeable future. Major companies in the tech ...

Cloud Security

Data Goes Supernova: Exploring Security at the Cloud Edge

Modern enterprises are fueled by data. The force of the cloud has been like gravity in a supernova, causing data to explode outward and disperse forever. No longer constrained by the network, the free flow of data to cloud service providers and a wide range of devices fragments visibility and ...

Cloud Security

Security is Shifting to a Unified Cloud Edge

More than 95% of companies today use cloud services, and 83% store sensitive data in the cloud. This data is traveling via a larger and more diverse group of devices than ever before, to and from an ever-growing list of cloud services. More importantly, it is moving in ways you ...

Enterprise Cloud Security

Test Your Knowledge on How Businesses Use and Secure the Cloud

Security used to be an inhibitor to cloud adoption, but now the tables have turned, and for the first time we are seeing security professionals embrace the cloud as a more secure environment for their business. Not only are they finding it more secure, but the benefits of cloud adoption ...

Enterprise Cloud Security

A Brief History of Cloud Computing and Security

According to recent research1, 50% of organizations use more than one public cloud infrastructure vendor, choosing between Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and a series of others. 85% of those using more than one cloud infrastructure provider are managing up to four1, seeking the best fit ...

Endpoint Security

Following Ransomware’s Path to Extortion

  It comes as no surprise that ransomware is the fastest growing form of criminal malware, accelerating in quantity 128% year over year. This plethora of ransomware is, however, primarily acting across one type of playing field- the web. In fact, 80% of the methods used to deliver criminal malware ...


Better Malware Protection, Help for Endpoints in McAfee Web Gateway Release

Every few months, our development team releases a new version of Web Gateway software with multiple improvements they’ve been working towards in their agile development process. This time around, Web Gateway continues to evolve in the critical area of malware protection, expands its capabilities to share threat information, and more. ...


When Malware Has No File, Evaluate Code Behavior to Prevent a Breach

Delivering a malicious payload to infect an end user system should be difficult – for years the security industry has worked to improve protection technology to reduce the number of compromised endpoints security teams need to address. But what happens when that payload doesn’t fit the mold we’re used to, ...

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