Dave is Head of Product and Solutions Marketing, EMEA at McAfee. A seasoned IT professional with over 20 years of experience across technical and marketing positions he is highly sought after for his insights on the world of cybersecurity and the measures companies can take to defeat the bad guys. He works with analysts, partners and other thought leaders to ensure that McAfee’s broad portfolio of security technologies are widely understood and that customers are able to make better informed decisions about the security of their data and infrastructure.

When Dave is not putting the world to rights about cybersecurity he enjoys reading, many sports and spending time with his young family.

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The “Zero Day” Conundrum

In my last blog I talked about how we should define “zero day” and the many misuses which in my view muddy the waters, making it ever more difficult to address the actual problem. In case you missed that one you can read it here, or you can simply accept ...

Endpoint Security

What the hell does “zero day” even mean anymore?

I seem to have spent a fair amount of my time recently talking to a variety of people about “zero days” and the one thing that has really struck me is that almost everyone has a different view on what a “zero day” actually is….so I figured the time had ...

Enterprise Français

RGPD : la motivation dont nous avions besoin ?

Je pense qu’il est temps d’adopter une position plus optimiste et raisonnée sur le règlement général sur la protection des données (RGPD) à l’approche de son entrée en vigueur. Lorsque cette nouvelle réglementation sera mise en œuvre en mai 2018, elle supplantera de facto l’embrouillamini de règles locales obsolètes qui se ...

Enterprise German

Brauchen wir die neue Datenschutz-Grundverordnung?

Ich denke, dass wir die neue Datenschutz-Grundverordnung der Europäischen Union etwas differenzierter und optimistischer betrachten sollten. Wenn die neue Verordnung im Mai 2018 in Kraft tritt, ersetzt sie das undurchsichtige Dickicht aus veralteten regionalen Vorschriften, das seit der Datenschutzrichtlinie von 1995 entstand. Anstelle des Dickichts tritt ein einziges, einheitliches Gesetz, das ...


Simplify Security with Your Own Password Algorithm

How many online accounts do you have? Have you ever stopped to count them? Email, social media, news media, banks, credit cards, streaming services, workplace systems, government services: Studies show that most of us use between 15 and 20 online services, and that some of us use 100 or more. ...

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