Eamonn Ryan is a Security Researcher on the McAfee Advanced Threat Research team. Eamonn possesses both offensive and defensive skill sets but currently focuses on red team operations and adversary emulation. Eamonn specializes in defense bypass and evasion techniques with a focus on process manipulation.

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CSI: Evidence Indicators for Targeted Ransomware Attacks – Part II

In our first article we discussed the growing pattern of targeted ransomware attacks where the first infection stage is often an info-stealer kind of malware used to gain credentials/access to determine if the target would be valuable for a ransomware attack. In this second part we will pick up where ...

McAfee Labs

RDP Security Explained

RDP on the Radar Recently, McAfee released a blog related to the wormable RDP vulnerability referred to as CVE-2019-0708 or “Bluekeep.” The blog highlights a particular vulnerability in RDP which was deemed critical by Microsoft due to the fact that it exploitable over a network connection without authentication. These attributes ...

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