Eoin Carroll is a Principal Engineer and Senior Vulnerability Researcher on the McAfee Advanced Threat Research team, focused on researching the trustworthiness of emerging computing platforms and protocols. He also analyzes critical industry vulnerabilities and innovates advanced threat defenses.

He has 20 years of diverse experience, from electronic engineering to a variety of offensive and defensive security roles. For the first decade of his career he worked as an electronic engineer in both the semiconductor and medical device industries, gaining a wealth of engineering and risk experience. During the second decade he has been building his career in platform security through Product Security, reverse engineering critical industry vulnerabilities and designing exploit protections. In addition, he has lead Product Security teams, mentored many Product Security Engineers/Architects, supported local universities to keep their security curriculum relevant to industry needs and regularly speaks at universities and STEM events to inspire the next generation of security talent.

He is very passionate about analyzing the security models of emerging platforms and protocols against the current and future threat landscape.

His work experience includes threat modeling, secure platform design, memory forensics, vulnerability and exploit analysis, reverse engineering, product engineering, operating system internals and incident response.

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